Grow your Instagram safely with the WeJustSocial chrome extension


Instagram has become a ubiquitous service with everyone fighting for attention. Businesses are growing through it and celebrities are coming closer to real people. With so much happening on Instagram, the main requisite is to gain popularity. Increasing the number of followers organically can be pretty daunting. This is specifically true when the user does not have any contacts or celebrity status. However, there are certain tools like WeJustSocial chrome extension that is genuinely helping users increase the number of their followers.

So, here are some ways in which WeJustSocial is helping the customers:

According to a research,

More than one-third of Instagram users have used their mobile devices to buy something online -- 70% more likely than people who are not on Instagram.

1.  Smart algorithm

The extension uses a smart algorithm that filters out unwanted noise. The algorithm is robust enough to illuminate all fake accounts, thereby, allows you to deal with only the relevant accounts.

Through this interaction of the accounts, WeJustSocial lets the customers increase the number of followers. The smart technology points out the relevant information about your account. This allows customers to build an organic community based on shared interest, thereby increasing their number of followers.

Thus, this proves to be effective for all types of customers wherever the goal is to increase the number of followers. It also increases the visibility of the account. The technology makes use of a dashboard with analytics and targets your audience based on hashtags. In addition to this, WeJustSocial manages your IG along with managing your IG follows.

2.  Simple to use

Instagram has users from all walks of life. Hence, Instagram also attracts users that are not from a good technical background. Without much knowledge of technology as well as content marketing, these users can increase their followers using services like that of WeJustSocial.

Hence, the extension is simple enough for users to use it without any need for computer knowledge. This is further adding to its popularity. Most users are benefiting from this extension and can increase their following manifold fairly quickly.

3.  Economical rates

WeJustSocial offers a free trial after which the extension can be increased based on a financial plan. The plans are available at different rates for different requirements of all the users. Plans are available at very low prices, which enables users to get them without much further ado. Plans are also comprehensive enough to accommodate the varying needs of the users. The free trial is available for 15 days, which allows users ample time to judge the extension and its applicability.

4.  Varying fields 

WeJustSocial caters to a variety of uses from varying backgrounds. Whether the user is looking for increasing brand awareness or trying to become an influencer, WeJustSocial is the tool. Users can enjoy the benefits of the extension for any type of account. The fields that WeJustSocial covers include photography, travel, business, etc. Thus, the users are enjoying the benefits of the increased number of followers within the same day. Moreover, the fast pace of the extension is also attracting users all over the world.

5.  Networking

Social media accounts are available to allow users to network with one another. Through this extension, users can interact with the accounts that have similarity to the theme of their account. This makes it an ideal tool to help you grow your community and build connections. The tool is bringing people closer and increasing their network organically. Moreover, the extension stops following the unresponsive accounts. This makes it perfect for filtering out unwanted accounts from your database. The accounts are benefiting one another, which is attributing to the healthy usage of the app.

6.  Effective targeting

The service is helping users interact with only the relevant content. This is ensuring that the users stay within their loops of interest without bothering about any fake activity.

Moreover, users can look at other people’s content as well which is of their interest. This is allowing them to expand their horizon and grow in their field. The healthy interaction is helping the users to reach out further by incorporating much more interactive content. Thus, they can plan their posts depending on the type of posts that their followers might be interested in. Also, the AI application recommends the next steps based on the insights.

7.  Easy installation

The extension is easier to use and is also simple to install. The users need to fill out a form and the experts will get in touch with them. The complicated setup or dashboard is not the case with this extension. Therefore, this facilitates the use of the app for all the users irrespective of their technical background. The technical incompetency does not prove to be a hurdle.

The extension emulates Instagram in this feature, as neither requires any technical knowledge. This is allowing users to incorporate the app as a chrome extension for themselves and make most of it.

8. Trustworthy

WeJustSocial is already popular among users. Many users are already using this extension, which is making it extremely trustworthy. The reviews are available on the website for new users to check them out before installation. These proven results are a testament to the popularity of this chrome extension. The application is already winning over the customers with its benefits. The trustworthy services and quick results make a good combination for attracting customers worldwide. The economical rates are also letting customers use this service with much ease. The fair prices are making it a good bargain to effectively increase the followers on Instagram.

9.  Responsible growth

WeJustSocial believes in responsible usage of the internet. Hence, the extension only incorporates customer’s who are 18 years of age or above. Moreover, to confirm the ingenuity of the account, the application only helps accounts with a minimum of 8 posts. All these conditions are in place to ensure the safety of the customers. The idea is to eliminate any fake information or unresponsive activity. The intelligence behind the application is taking all measures to allow users a complete assurance. This is promoting the service and its growth even further.


WeJustSocial is helping users all over the world. The idea is to help the customers to become influencers, expand their network efficiently. It is helping them build their online communities based on shared interests. This is further proving to be a great strategy because it helps the users to plan out their posts based on the interest of their followers. This further attracts more new followers and creates a cycle for the users. WeJustSocial is enabling brands to gain an audience on the Instagram. The benefit is that all followers are genuine and are above the age of 18.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

How does WeJustSocial work to help you gain more following on Instagram?


It is a known fact marketing opportunities are rising in the landscape of Instagram. Billions of users access information on global brands and influencers through social platforms. With advancing functionalities on Instagram you get an excuse to showcase your strength easily to your followers. Companies focus their efforts on gathering more audiences and generate further business. Hence, it absorbs a lot of time and energy to design quality content that inflicts user engagement.

According to a research,

72% of teenagers use Instagram and nearly as many (69%) use Snapchat. Both have increased by more than 20% since 2015.

Designating a social media manager can help save time and effort. The team of experts works constantly to grow your number of followers with exciting content on your Instagram page. They are well versed with the existing trends on Instagram and weave posts around it to ensure the user engages and responds proactively on your posts. They also keep track of your growth rate and analyze your success to know what works best among your target audience. Moreover, they prepare content in advance and chart out a content calendar to post the content consistently. Thus, they provide all this and more at discounted prices to help you stay in budget.

Not everyone has the knack to divert their efforts in the right direction. Thus, to achieve desired results, it is essential to perform the following actions.
  • Write engaging posts and add attractive creatives
  • Interact with users by replying to their comments, likes, and shares
  • Optimize use of Instagram tools to your benefit
  • Set a schedule to post the content at regular intervals
  • Keep a check on your algorithms
  • Use Instagram stories, live videos, and vlogs

If any of the above actions are not done rightly, the results will not be as expected. Thus, the need for WejustSocial arises. The Instagram buffs ensure you reach your target audience seamlessly. Here is what they would love to do for their clients to delight their audience. Moreover, they don’t just curate the content but also indulge diligently in after post activities such as responding, liking, commenting, and sharing the posts to engage more people.

1.  Curates Content

It is a major responsibility of the Social media manager to curate content to grab the attention of the users. WejustSocial creates visually pleasing content and excites the readers alike. They use apt captions for the pictures and posts that quickly attract visitors. Engaging and entertaining posts, pictures help in highlighting your brand image. Moreover, including a call to action for followers, encouraging polls, and responding to comments make the users feel involved. Consistently posting user engaging content adds to loyalty among followers.

Thus, consider including relevant hashtags to connect with users and pages of common interest. Also, decorating the posts with emojis and presenting it vibrantly to the users. Winning over followers is simple if your content is shareable and relatable. Moreover, posting at the best times to get more visibility is a good move to gain more followers.

2.  Update regular posting schedule

Not always can you come up with the best ideas for content instantly. If followers do not find your content unique, there are chances they’ll scroll it down. Therefore, it is ideal to plan your posts in advance. Spread the posts evenly in line with the latest trend in the market. The social media experts help you plan your content calendar by discussing assorted campaigns that can be run at different periods. This gives them more time to align the campaigns and stay responsive to already posted content. Hence, it is very critical to let the users feel your presence online.

When your campaigns are streamlined way ahead of their posting date, you get enough time to make changes as per current trends. The influencers whose posts are in the flow and regularly updated, tend to get more visitors on their page. Consistency also brings your posts on top of the timeline. Thus, followers feel a part of it by commenting, sharing, and liking your posts.

3.  Enhanced User engagement

If your posts are not compelling enough for users to respond, then you need to revisit the strategy and style. To amass followers, the content should be user engaging. The user should be able to resonate with what is being posted from your account. As long as the followers connect with the ideas, they will automatically involve in the post.

Therefore, add necessary hashtags, or connect with other brands with a common audience to rope in more people into your idea. Think from the perspective of the audience and post what engages them. Moreover, ask your followers to tag friends and family to involve a further audience. Create polls of current topics allowing users to vote.

4.  Sharing content on other platforms

Many users have accounts on multiple social media channels. When you cross-promote your content, the chances of gaining more followers increases. It also helps users to find you quickly on Instagram and follow you instantly. Add links to your YouTube channel to let the users get more information about your objectives.

Share the posts on different channels to ensure it is reiterated among users. If you post a quiz or contest or offer deal or giveaways through your content, share it on other social platforms too. It widens the reach of your content. Moreover, tagging people on your posts can also widen the scope of your content.

5.  Collaborate with others who have a common audience

Keep an eye on what works with your audience. Analyze your success and ensure the posts that get your followers are repeated quite often. When you find something on other’s accounts that is insanely hit among your target audience, try to create the content of similar nature. Moreover, try to alter such content with your personal touch. Get in touch with other influencers and work towards a common interest that excites your audiences. 

Follow people or like their posts with whom you wish to collaborate. Understand the benefits of gathering a larger audience. Also,avoid spam and repetitive posts to keep up the interest of the users.


Managing your Instagram account can consume a lot of effort and eat up time. You will need consistent quality posts that entertain your users and hook them up to your account for a longer time. Thus, hiring a social media manager is an effective option to outperform on Instagram.  

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

How can WeJustSocial help you increase your Instagram Visibility?


Who doesn’t want to get noticed on their Instagram account? Always looking at competitors and wondering what makes them get more followers? Everyone longs for a strong presence among the online audience. If you compare Instagram with other social medium, Instagram outperforms in terms of user engagement and creativity.

Visually appealing pictures speak louder than words. These images capture the attention of the users. Moreover, hashtags on assorted posts make it easily accessible to audience. Therefore, thoughtfully planned and executed content can bring in more folks to your Instagram account.

According to a research,

Other than Instagram's own account, the most-followed Instagram account as of January 2019 is run by professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, followed by celebrities Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.

However, not everyone is so dedicated or have their busy schedules resulting in impaired use of Instagram landscape. Either the posts are repetitive, or the content is too weak to attract user engagement. Therefore, the content should be visually pleasing, intriguing, and spread over the right time frame to avoid clustering on the Instagram page. Too much effort goes down the drain if the Instagram campaigns do not fetch desired results.  Hence, this brings in the need to hire a social media account manager. These subject matter experts are well aware of the predominating trends to ensure user engaging content is posted through your account.

Their expertise in Instagram content benefits you in multiple ways.
  • Strategize your Instagram campaigns to derive desired outcome
  • Create an alluring bio, profile picture, and visually appealing content
  • Subtle promotion of your Instagram page on other social network platforms
  • Communicating with the users and instilling faith in the audience.
  • Scheduling campaigns and keeping an eye on existing ones to showcase consistency among the target audience
  • Optimized use of functions and features on Instagram through cost-effective ways

WeJustSocial offers the right strategy for you on Instagram to attract more followers with the help of organic and unique content. The advisors ensure stability in popularity and content on your Instagram. Moreover, posting the campaigns at the right time, following up on posts, tagging the relevant users, adding compelling captions to the pictures, responding to user comments, including hash tags , all this will be taken care of. You may even work towards monetization of posts using various strategies for your Instagram account.

1.  Posting user engaging and quality content

Merely posting a picture will not help unless it reaches the right audience. If you want more people to get excited about your posts it needs efforts to highlight user generated content. Moreover, there are multiple posts that go unnoticed by the audience every day. Some posts are too similar to even grab the attention of the Instagram users. Therefore, creating unique and inspiring posts and pictures is critical. The content quality should be high so as to build your image on Instagram.

WeJustSocial understands the objective of their client and designs some extra creative content to get the maximum reach on Instagram.  Therefore, define your audience and focus on your talents to showcase it through your posts. The shared pictures should be compelling for the target audience to like, comment or share. Also, ask your followers to tag friends to let it stretch to further audience. Be proactive while responding to user comments. Moreover, do not forget to like their comments to let them know they are noticed. 

2.  Planning and executing a content calendar

One of the reasons why many accounts are just scrolled through is the visual presentation of the Instagram page. Too many posts can result is loss of interest or just confuse the audience. However, you will lose the essence of the content and its purpose if it is not posted at the right time. Staying consistent and aesthetic also helps to be loyal among the followers. Moreover, your posts should be such that it creates curiosity and people look forward to what is next.

Any expert content manager will assist in drafting a calendar to spread the online campaigns consistently. Therefore, it is essential to remain vigilant towards the previously posted campaigns too. You cannot just post something and forget about it. It results in loss of reliability and integrity among your audience. The campaigns might need alterations with time to give it a fresh look. Hence, plan ahead and schedule your posts and define a time to publish the same so that the audience is aware of when you are active.

3.  Staying ahead or at least in line with the trend

To create entertaining and informative content always, it is important to benefit from the rising trends online. Thus, voice out on the current topics that are viral to grab the attention of the followers. Create polls, quiz, and questions to let people respond on the current situation. If there is some event or occasion, put your own spin to it if you can. Such posts are more engaging and exciting to the audience. Moreover, it brings in more visibility to your account.

Social Media experts are fully knowledgeable about what is in and at times even what is next. They will help you create interesting posts and outshine your image among the users. You can even add relevant hashtags to connect with more users who are interested in the same topic and get them to respond to your post.

4.  Track your success

Instagram creates opportunities for constant learning. You experiment with your posts make you understand what works well among the users. The content that is disliked by the audience can be altered to what your page readers like. Look around your account and analyze the most and the least engaging posts. You can plan your future posts on the analysis. Figuring out the spotlight that made the posts successful can help you create better content and gain more visibility.

Repeat posts that create excitement among the target group. Higher the engagement, greater the visibility on Instagram. Sit with the social media managers to reflect on the pros and cons of the content and analyze what makes it successful or not.

5.  Blending social media channels

While Instagram may be your primary source of branding, you must not forget the advantages of other social platforms. In case you notice more success on other platforms, it is a good idea to combine the channels. Integrated marketing efforts spread across various platforms ensure 100% success. Use the success of other channels to get more Instagram followers by running campaigns with cross promotions. Add links to the channel in your bio or posts and let your followers know more about you.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

Why is WeJustSocial better than Jarvee, Perfectliker, and 4gram?


If you wish to advertise through your social media channels, you need to first weigh your options. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan and execute a campaign on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. However, keep in mind the list of pros and cons to evaluate what works among your audience to fetch you desired results.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing digital marketing medium with growing numbers every day. Unlike other social channels, this platform gains popularity because it is all about pictures. Compelling captions glorifies the images and is an icing on the cake.

According to a research,

Instagram and Snapchat are tied for the second-highest used messaging app (behind Facebook Messenger) for millennials at 47%.

Why Instagram?

Creative, expressive and innovative pictures define Instagram and this feature sets it apart from other social media platforms. Since Instagram is a visual landscape, it is essential to post content that is eye catching by larger audience. Thus, marketing your skills on Instagram offers a chance to connect with new likeminded folks. Moreover, these people are more interested and excited to know about your objectives. If you post user engaging campaigns, there are chances of getting noticed among the crowd. These followers tend to like, comment, share your posts instantly.

Therefore, if you don’t possess skills or have limited time, hire a social media expert to manage your account. The managers post trendy pictures and generate user engagement through visually appealing content. Moreover, they tend to highlight your goals and grab the attention of the users who are likely to become loyal followers later on.


Some Social media management applications

There are two ways to manage your Instagram account. One is the auto generated applications that help you to gain more followers, likes, comments on your content. In case you are not able to create exciting content through your account, you will not be able to reach more people. You can consider online apps to manage your content.

Applications such as Jarvee, Perfectliker, and 4gram work best for Instagram account management. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Though these boost your likes, followers and comments, these are fake accounts and thus do not comply with Instagram guidelines.

Automated commenting may be worthless as it lacks personal touch. Therefore, you may want to deal with distinct people differently. There may be a flood of activities through these online applications, yet quality takes a backseat. Therefore, WejustSocial provides an ideal solution. It is a team of experts that take generous time to draft and post campaigns through your Instagram account.

Disadvantages of using apps like Perfeclinker, 4gram, etc. 

The main disadvantages of using other managers are:

  1. It is quick to grasp but difficult to apply. The quantitative applications work only towards rising numbers. Thus, you cannot just assign a task to the bots and relax. You need frequent follow up on its settings to ensure quality actions from your account.
  2. Automation does not offer a fool proof solution to become an influencer on Instagram.
  3. Moreover, low quality content may get trapped on your account due to this technology hack.
  4. Also, if your advertisement is word based and not picture based, then bots are of no help at all. You will need to design your content as per your objective.
  5. Thus, online apps can make Instagram less productive if the functionalities are not used sensibly. Many times, the automated apps do not comply with the terms of Instagram. 
Benefits of hiring WejustSocial for your Instagram account are as follows –
1. Generating user engagement

If you want to draw attention of larger audience, creating user engagement is necessary. There are thousands of posts that get ignored on daily basis. Unless your users relate to your posts and respond to it, the purpose of posting the picture isn’t resolved. Your social media manager tries the best to draw more people in.

Therefore, creating polls, asking opinions, current trending images can do the magic. These experts are updated about latest happenings around and can easily design content around it. Of course, keeping your objective in mind. They drag more visibility to your account with exciting pictures and posts for your users. Moreover, including relevant hashtags, compelling captions and emojis adds to the flavor. The experts are proactive to comments and responses from followers to let them ensure your loyalty and build your image in front of your target audience.

Services like Jarvee, 4gram, etc.  can also be set to reply to comments, like a post, follow a post or schedule posts. However, these automated bots cannot strategize on its own. 

Here are the methodologies that a proficient manager uses so that user engaging content can help you fetch desired results on Instagram:
  • Increases traffic on your page
  • Grows awareness about your image among target audience
  • Improves faith in users
  • Keeps in touch with audience
  • Inform your objectives to people
2.  Promoting your ideas and objectives

Marketing on social media requires strategy well combined with creativity. It is an overwhelming figure on various platforms that market or sell through online channels. Social media manager can help you strategize your content in advance in line with what works best for your audience. They ensure quality content delivery at the right time. Moreover, it helps to focus on your objectives and convey the same to your audience.

The content calendar is charted after considering your goals and perspective to run assorted campaigns at different times. This is the ultimate reason why someone hires a social media manager. To gather crowd and pass on your ideas to them.

Automated apps like Jarvee, 4gram and Perfectlinker have functionalities to convey your thoughts to the audience. However, it cannot customize the responses or give a personal touch to your followers.

To express your mind to the followers your social media manager performs the following tasks:
  • Curate creative content
  • Analyze your success and track what works for your audience
  • Stay in budget
  • Promote your services and objectives
  • Converse with your users
3.  Cross marketing with other channels

It is always a good idea to cross market content from various social media platforms to drive more traffic to your accounts. You can add a link to your youtube channel on your post or in a bio. Moreover, adding a call to action makes the users more responsive. Solicit feedback from followers often. Analyze what your users appreciate.

Share your mission and goals through your content and share it across various social media platforms. More views on other platforms can get the people following you on Instagram too. Thus, take advantage of advance functions and peep into insights and track your success. Your trump card is authentic content leading to happy followers.


If you work efficiently towards your desired result, numbers are sure to follow. Therefore, build on your strategies and strive towards quality content. The struggle is real. Social marketing should breakthrough the similar posts from competitors and hit the audience.

Automations definitely gives you time to focus on core tasks by taking care of the routine functions. So, managers can spend time and money on important projects.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

Why should you choose WeJustSocial?


Though one may be omnipresent on social platforms, the upgradation and changes are too overwhelming at times. The need for an account manager did not arise until the era of merely few users on any of these public podiums passed. The steeping number of users on social media platforms is convincing enough to hire a manager.

If you are still stuck with offline branding schemes, you will definitely lose out on an effortless promotion opportunity just a click away. More brands witness the power of digital marketing today.

The rising popularity of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter helps to showcase your worth to millions of people across the globe. The work of a social media manager is not merely posting content and benefitting from its views. There is a lot more to reap.

According to a research,

Between 2016 and 2020, eMarketer predicts Instagram will add 26.9 million users -- almost double the incremental users expected for Twitter, and far more than any other social platform tracked.

Hiring an expert to have a bird’s eye view and staying on par with dynamics is the need of the hour for a successful account on Instagram. Return on Investment increases when social media campaigns are designed and executed well. This calls for a social media manager.

To stay in budget and maintain your social media page with continuous and flowing posts, WejustSocial offers engaging, cost-effective and enhanced packages for its clients. After all, everyone wants to add more followers to their account.

The role of WeJustSocial is defined to help the clients in the following ways –
  • Raise awareness to get more visibility by spreading networking and significantly rising brand loyalty among users.
  • Budget friendly marketing strategies that are tailor made to suit the needs of the different Instagram account owners.
  • Planning and executing quality posts to make the page more interactive and positive catering to the ease of the visitors.
  • Enhancing your personality traits and brand image highlighting the key specifics to the loyal followers and target audience.
  • Ensure market awareness by observing the page views and followers and making it a two way communication platform.
  • Increasing traffic by regularly posting organic and unique content keeping in mind the interest of the audience.
  • Keeping healthy competition in mind and attracting more audience with user friendly posts and interactive comments to keep the interest flowing in.

The possibility of a content posted on the platform is unlimited. It depends on the subject matter expert how to devise the post to extract maximum benefits from it. You will need a Social media manager for your account for the reasons outlined below –

1.  Ever changing Social Platform needs transformation with time

The panorama of Instagram is voracious and constantly at a move. Since you may individually find it tough to keep up with the changes, a social media manager can help you resolve this. They keep a track of trends and algorithms to frame a strategy based on the revolution.

They are buoyant to the transformations to move the upcoming campaigns in line with the latest trends. Also, they go back and forth with you to discuss the objectives of any new social media campaigns and find ways to derive the best out of it. Their job is to ensure continuous success through content posted at regular intervals.

2.  Plan and Strategize the content to keep the audience glued

Too many unorganized posts on your page can do more harm than good. Posting randomly without any aim from your profile can weaken your image in front of your audience. Your page space should be carefully filled with campaigns to match up your followers’ interest levels.

A lot of efforts go into devising content that enhance your image. Any campaign cannot be left as it is after posting. It needs back and forth tasks such as replying to users, liking their comments, and understanding their requirements. Other external marketing tools can also be planned along with the campaign to better the results. Therefore, it is essential to spend enough time in planning content.

Strategists can also bake you a content plan in advance and spread the content over a period of time depending on the primary objective of your posts.

3.  Interaction with customers and live up to their expectations

If you simply post the content and wait for results, it is of no use. Thus, the follow up plan should be handy to get the best out of the content. Staying vigilant to the users’ comments and queries shows your presence and creates goodwill among the target audience.

Wejustsocial represent you positively among the users’ highlighting your objectives.  Less-seasoned approach to queries can result in turning down the followers. Experts know well how to impress the audience with to the point solutions to their concerns. Thus, the sooner you respond to the comments of the followers, it helps to build faith and assurance among them around you.

The audience respect proactive influencers and keeps the brands on toes to outshine among the rest.

4.  Tracking and Reporting profits from campaigns

If you need to be hit among the followers, it is important to keep switching your goals depending on the altering trends in the social media market. WejustSocial not only curates new content but also transforms your existing posts to meet the latest interest of the audience. They ensure your efforts do not go down the drain by checking your campaigns at regular intervals.

Channelizing the campaigns that help you grow and hiding content that is no longer relevant keeps your page on track. Sometimes a minute adjustment in the creatives or process saves you from the loss.

WejustSocial ensures regular reporting and discussing with clients what works among your audience and what your followers do not like or is outdated. Moreover, monthly, Quarterly and annual reports will help to keep a constant check and optimize the campaigns as and when required. Also, round the clock efforts into designing campaigns ensure successful stories on Instagram.

5.  Benefit from the expert edge of the market

It is more feasible to get fresh ideas, understand the market and attract audiences to be successful on Instagram. Financially also, wejustSocial offers packages that are cost-effective and user engaging. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire experts who dedicatedly strive hard towards making your account successful.


Social Media managers know well of the cultures and trends to retrieve better results. Whether you are just stepping in the social media world or a renowned image among the audience, a subject matter expert by your side won’t let your competitors take over anytime.

Moreover, SEO rankings are determined with your social media content these days. Thus, planning a content that is highlighting the keywords makes your content accessible to the audience is vital.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

How to know whether the service provider is genuine or fake?


You strive hard and plan your Instagram account well to influence or motivate your target audience. However, when you lack sufficient time, online content or target audience, hire an Instagram service provider. These agencies are well equipped with the latest marketing strategies to help you grow on Instagram.

Moreover, the service providers analyze the client’s requirements and potential to focus on result oriented content.  The team of professionals is a lead generator through paid promotions.

With the advent of digital marketing, these service providers work hard to bring your name on top of the charts. The companies offer luring ways to user engaging posts to attract more visitors to your account.

However, a lot of scams and scandalized firms portray expertise, loot money and then wave goodbye. Do not fall prey to such scam companies that try to rope you in and vanish. Look for genuine and well-established names in the field of social media marketing.

Many Instagram service providers are undervalued. Many providers work at a snail’s pace or focus on only advertising. While some lack talented professionals, or are too money minded and evaluate everything in terms of money. Therefore, research well about the service provider and avoid hiring a fake service provider.

Thus, if you decide to hire a professional marketing agency nevertheless, dig out the details to examine if the Instagram service provider is genuine.

According to a research,

Over 60 percent of users log in to Instagram daily , making it the second most engaged social network after Facebook.

1.   Pace of work

A real Instagram service provider does not delay work. It works quickly on the strategies and implements the plan in time. Whether meeting the deadlines or execution of planned content for your Instagram account, it should be sorted in advance. Therefore, the service providers must be able to analyze the current content and suggest what fits in the best. It should be open to changes with changing times.

The providers should be well aware of recent trends and make ways to attract more followers. It should keep you well informed of the results of different experiments that they intend with your Instagram page. To make your account leading among the followers, the service providers should not hesitate to inform you and experiment with your Instagram page. It takes account of its assumptions as per the updates in the marketing world.

2.   Does not stick to ‘only’ advertising

A real service provider does not focus entirely on direct promotions. Advertising should be only a part of its services. Use the tools of marketing to add value to followers. It should sweat it out to build your name and reputation and get you increased visitors. The message should reach your target audience subtly but without blowing your own trumpet. The Instagram service providers show traits of managing public relations through your account.

The audience is too smart these days and can quickly understand what paid promotion is. Thus, the service provider should curate content that will draw the attention of the target audience. Only then, the visitors transform into loyal followers. You must discuss your vision with the service providers so that the audience feels the connection with your posts. At no given time, should your page look fake or unreal.

3.     Continuity of services

Fake agencies concentrate on quantity and not quality. The real ones suggest campaigns and continue to work towards successful completion. The unreal service providers do not engage in excessive content planning to make it look overdone. Users may skip too many posts or find it monotonous. When more than one strategy is going on simultaneously, the attention is divided and the end result may vary.

Do not give an upper hand to your competitors by wasting time on planning too many posts or inappropriate content at once. In the long run, only successful posts will build a good image among your followers. Real service providers work closely on building a holistic strategy to achieve online success.

4.     Supports customer relations

To be in a win-win position, the Instagram service providers don’t just create a relationship with the audience. It strives hard to sustain and nurture public relations through your Instagram account. When you are active and keep in touch with the audience, your followers stay loyal and feel connected. People are smart with technology to make out the difference between real and fake connections.

Real agencies not just manage a relationship with your followers, but also share with you tips to do the same. Engage with your Instagram audience to ensure long term relationships. Respond and reply to the people who like or comment or share your posts regularly.

5.     Transparency in strategies

Fake agencies are not transparent with their clients. They tend to showcase data through restricted reports.

However, genuine service providers show off complete data and reports to take advantage of the experience of their team and you together. You can then discuss and apply insights from each of your experiences to benefit your Instagram page.

Working together as partners helps each of you to grow alike, learning from each other.  Also, the focus of such providers is to mint money from the clients and they do not think of quality.

Thus, the fake agencies are startled to present their strategies and reports and fake it well before you to win your confidence.

6.    Professionalism

The best service providers will definitely hire the best talent. A professional team can help you build your Instagram page with their expertise and experience.

However, the real agencies are aware of the current trends in the market. Thus, they plan ahead and discuss the content with you before posting. These providers take responsibility for their work and ensure the deadlines are met. Moreover, they do not make excuses for non-commitments.


Thus, in the constantly changing landscape of Instagram marketing, the real service providers understand the importance of sustainability. The competition is tough and mere advertising is not enough to promote your account.

In the end, we can say that the fake agencies are just data-driven, whereas, real ones are creative and market driven. 

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Why you should keep control of your Instagram and do not share the password?


As in the case of any other social media platform, it is important to secure your Instagram account. As you share pictures and posts, the Instagram account accumulates private information online. Do not compromise on your privacy by sharing your password with someone else. Instagram is mainly used to share pictures and information with friends and followers. No plan is foolproof and there are chances of compromising with your privacy on social media. Instagram too comes with its own set of pros and cons. While the idea of updating your whereabouts is thrilling, there is a chance that this information may fall in the wrong hands. 

Get the most out of Instagram by keeping your account safe in different ways. Make your account private giving access to only those you wish. Pass the information only to those who really care. Save yourself from sharing your data with any third party access. Keep an eye on hackers to avoid falling prey to them. Lower the security risks with two-factor authentication on your Instagram account. Do not use Geotagging and share your location with the strangers. You can even turn off your stories for specific followers if you wish to. Escape the evil eyes of the hackers and unwanted followers by setting your privacy on Instagram.

Let us know why you should keep your Instagram account secure without sharing the password. 

According to a research,

There are 39% of active Instagram accounts with over 15k followers are influencers.

1.   Geotagging provides location details

Unless you turn off the location and geotagging, once you post a message or picture, Instagram automatically tags your location. It gives an idea to the unknown people about your vacation, location, and whereabouts. You cannot tend to compromise on your account safety by passing on the login credentials to anyone. You must turn off the location sharing settings and Geotagging for your posts sometimes. Do not let anyone know about where you spend time during the day and manipulate your information to their advantage.

Sometimes it is a good idea to not let know where you are. Staying away from the hassles of social media is divine occasionally. Safeguard your private moments with friends or family not always making it accessible to strangers.

2.   Access to your activities

As you may know, the notification tab displays details of your followers’ activities such as what they like, where they comment, what they share, etc. Therefore when you follow some account on Instagram you provide access to the audience to peep into your daily online activities on Instagram.  When someone eyes upon your real-time tiniest of an act, you lose privacy. Therefore, it is essential to secure your account. No one likes to be watched over for little things they do.

If you do not want someone to see or know what you are doing on Instagram then keeping your account private is a good option. Thus, you can escape the side effects of social sharing with Private Account settings.

3.     Data collection

Instagram, or as a matter of fact, any social media platform revolves around data. From signing up to polls to device information, etc. you are unknowingly sharing your details with third parties. The hashtags and comments you share on Instagram can also be used as a source of collecting data. Many times while resolving issues, upgrading the system or testing new products, the platforms collect data from you.

Once you share your password with someone, you are giving them the key to your data. It is easier to revive data from your Instagram account when someone logs in from your account. Therefore it is essential to secure your data from reaching unwanted sources.

4.     Using photos without permission

Instagram is all about pictures. Every post and picture you update has some bit of information about you in it. Anyone can access your pictures, even the most private ones, and misuse it if you share your password.

Even if your account is not shared, anyone can save a picture from your profile and reuse it. Without you getting to know, your photo can be posted on any other platform which is dangerous.

5.     Access to the contact list and other social media apps

Your contact list is at stake when you give control of your Instagram account to someone else. While searching for a person on Instagram, you will find friends list and common friends across the platform. Your personal details are shared unknowingly unless you have changed your privacy settings.

It is essential to take charge of your Instagram page and keep tight control over the settings. When someone logs in from your Instagram account, they will get access to your contacts too.

6.    Live activities tracked

When making live videos, you let the world know what you are up to, and exactly when you’re doing it. You may not want everyone to know your activities. When you share or comment on any post, your followers get a notification of the same. This leaves no privacy in life. To be safe while using any social media platform, be mindful of the information sharing and live tracking features.

Instagram allows you to watch stories, vote on polls, direct messages, and even like comments. That is quite a lot of information to share with strangers. Turn off your location settings if you want some personal time off the followers.


Instagram is the most popular social media app due to the display of pictures. Privacy of pictures and posts come into question when you share details on an open forum. It is advisable to change your privacy settings to avoid any misuse of your information. Additionally, keep your password intact and not easily guessable. 

Especially if you are hiring a service provider or a marketing agency to handle your Instagram account, be careful. Keep a watch on what and how much your agency is involved in your account. While it is good to attract the audience with flashy pictures and catchy posts, you should be careful it is not misused.

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Why you shouldn’t share your Instagram password with an untrusted service?


Instagram has become a ubiquitous app. The most trending app has attracted almost everyone, irrespective of their age and nationality. In addition to this, the app is the latest addition to the cool quotient. However, with the number of apps increasing, Instagram hacking is also becoming an epidemic. It is imperative to keep the passwords secure and unshared in order to avoid such problems. Passwords should be properly encrypted and kept as a protected entity. Here are a few reasons that highlight as to why you should not share your passwords with any third party:

How much does an influencer actually earn?

A health and nutrition blogger, with 30K followers and a 7.3% engagement rate, shared her rates with us. She charges USD 325$ for a single Instagram post, or USD 825$ for a serie of 3 posts.

1.     Personal data

Instagram is a photo sharing app. Hence, most users tend to share highly personalized data with the same. This makes it even more essential to keep the password to oneself. The more you share your password, the more it becomes vulnerable to data stealing. Password is an important entity for security. Hence, it is a mandate and essentially the responsibility of the user to keep it absolutely safe. A big step is to keep it to yourself and not sharing the same with any third party. If you detect that your password is insecure then the smartest move is to change it as soon as possible.

2.    Shared passwords

Most users have the tendency to use the same password for most of their accounts. In order to make it easy for them to remember, users tend to use the same passwords for their most crucial accounts. In case passwords are shared, even internet banking accounts lose their security. Hence, the bank accounts of the users become prone to hacking. This leads to money thefts. In such scenarios, it becomes difficult for banks to ensure safety of their customers. The absolute need is to keep the passwords to yourself without sharing them with any unauthorized users.

3.     Unauthorized misuse

Many times, when you share your passwords with third parties, your accounts are misused. Many instances have been there when users have found unauthorized posting occurrences or other unauthorized activities happening on their account. In addition to this, unauthorized users tamper with the pictures and use them for their own benefits. In the current scenario of terror as well as digital crimes, misuse of personal pictures is a major threat. The threat is not only related to privacy but also to overall security. In addition to this, family pictures and their details come out in the open, which endangers your dear ones.

4.     Photo edits

In addition to using pictures for malpractices, unauthorized users can also copy the pictures and edit them. Editing of pictures is a common occurrence. Along with this, obscene and unassuming pictures of such users surface over the Internet, which is an alarming issue. This makes it even more essential to keep the passwords safe. The repercussions of sharing your passwords with unauthorized third parties are derogative. Hence, it is of utmost importance to safeguard the passwords and keep them private. The more difficult the passwords are, the more secure they become.

5.   Remote access

With the advent of the smartphone, it has become much easier to gain access to the phone and private details remotely. Hence, if the password of instagram and your phone are the same, then your phone is highly vulnerable to unauthorized access. This becomes even more harmful as most users tend to keep he pins to their debit cards, wallets on the phone these days. Moreover, personal information becomes available for the world to see. The hackers can be anywhere in the world and this makes it very difficult for security personnel to track them.

6.   Hampering social life

In case your password reaches the wrong hands, then this can be detrimental to your social life. Some malicious people use passwords of personal accounts particularly of social media channels to send malignant content to your followers. This not only affects your social image but is also unkind to your kin. Moreover, there have been instances when a hacker has used email addresses to send plea messages to the contacts. Hackers do this to extract money from other users by using their sympathy. So, keep your passwords secure not only for yourself but also for the sake of your acquaintances as well.

7.   Fraudulent usage

Instagram is susceptible to fraudulent practices. With more and more information being out in the open, a hacker can use the account for viewing objectionable content. While viewing, if the hacker posts on such accounts using the hacked account, then it reflects poorly on the user. Often hackers use hacked accounts for trolling imminent personalities and other activities, which ultimately affect the actual user. Instagram can also block such accounts and it becomes highly puzzling for the main user. In certain circumstances, hackers even delete the account of the user, which makes a huge hassle for the primary user.

8.   Obscurity of private space

If the user is not careful enough, then by sharing the instagram password, all personal messages reach the hacker. There are times when people often chat with their dear ones through highly personal messages over instagram. Third party access to such messages impedes on not only your privacy but also the other person in the communication. This type of intrusion in a user’s private space is a serious threat and makes you susceptible issues like blackmailing. By keeping your password safe, you can avoid such situations. It is also advisable to avoid over sharing of information.


Passwords are meant to keep accounts secure. They are an effective way of safeguarding your privacy. However, ensure that you keep caution while sharing your personal information on any media. It is a beneficial practice to avoid sharing your password with anybody, let alone a third-party service. By adopting such simple steps, you can ensure full safety for yourself and the people around you. Once you start recognizing it as a responsibility, you can avoid any sticky situations. Hence, it is a mandate to keep your passwords safe whether they are of instagram or internet banking.

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Some best moments of your life to share on Instagram


While posting content on your Instagram, all you think of is user engagement in terms of likes, follows, and comments. Instagram possesses a voracious appetite for constant updates. Therefore, as the competition rises, you need to work towards posting high-quality content to keep the users coming back for more. It can be challenging to live up to the expectations of your followers and sustain goodwill among your target audience.

However, finding new ideas to post content, making it visually appealing and deciding when to distribute them is quite a task. Your ability to meet the demand for updated information is what drives more and more users to your Instagram account.

Adding a daily dose of excitement through your regular updates lets your users look forward to your content on Instagram. Thus, stay focused on the content quality and presentation instead of the number of posts you end up with. It is meaningless if your posts go unnoticed or get lost among the thousand other posts on Instagram.

If the followers do not feel transparency and connection with your content, they might just scroll down to other accounts. Thus, your efforts can then go down the drain. If you don’t want this to happen, post the best moments of life that are relatable to the Instagram users. This way they will be compelled to visit your page to find out further.  

Are you running short of ideas to create content on Instagram for your regular visitors?  Here are some best moments of life that can be shared on the Instagram page to earn more likes and comments.

According to a research,

500 million people use Stories every day.

1.     Special Occasions

Whether you are on a vacation or celebrating a festival or at a birthday party with your gang, do not forget to post pictures and let your whereabouts be known to your followers. Hence, adding information about the new place you visited or recommending an activity is a great value-add to your Instagram content. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-28 at 12.44.43 AM

Image source: Instagram

2.    What you are currently reading or listening

Telling your audience of what you like to read and watch shows off your good qualities in a subtle way. Thus, you can post a picture of books stocked up for your next read, or your current favorite novel magazine that you are reading. Or the television series you are glued to at the moment. This creates a good source of information for your followers. You may be listening to a classic melody during rains or enjoying a party song at a club with friends. Posting updates is essential to make your Instagram account fresh and rejuvenated.

3.     Workplace

If there is something very exciting at your workplace, do not hesitate to share it with your followers. Click a picture or shoot a video of your work desk and around. Moreover, you can zoom in your nameplate or desk organizer or anything that you wish to highlight to your users. You can also show off your hands working or typing at the desk. Thus, little details that will reflect on your work routine or workspace can be quickly captured and posted on Instagram. Let the post be honest so that users can connect with you.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-28 at 12.48.21 AM

Image source: Instagram

4.     Daily routine

From how you start your day to your bedtime regime, you can post everything dramatic on your Instagram page. This will let your followers have a better understanding of you. It could be your breakfast or exercise routine, sharing minute details of your day will help you build a strong connection with your users. Moreover, you can click a picture of a meal or chasing your kids or a pet in the garden or anything disappointing or stressful during the day. The followers will understand you better when the tiniest of information is made available to them.

5.   Most liked shopping area or a restaurant you visit often

You can recommend a place in your city to buy something specific or a market for items at reasonable prices. Your favorite eating joint and its specialty can be posted on your Instagram page to let your followers stay updated. The best would be when you are out on a shopping spree or on a date with your loved one. Posting pictures or updates around your activities helps the users to peek into your personality and virtues. Thus, posting colorful pictures can make your account look vibrant and positive too.

6.   What went wrong

Not everything you try is a success. Let your users know of your failures and advise them on the do’s and don’t’s through your experience. Post about what worked and what did not so that your followers can avoid mistakes in their personal lives. Flaws are natural but wise is one who corrects it by learning from it. Therefore, write positive notes and post encouraging pictures to motivate others. Mistakes are also a great way to connect with each other. After all, to err is human, no?

7.   Reposting of archived blogs

Dig out something from your past posts that your visitors can relate to in the present. Do not wait for the visitors to explore your account and find it. Not many visitors will make efforts to do so. Repost your most liked or shared blog or a link or anything that you think will interest your Instagram visitors.

8.   Challenge you want your followers to take up

Add a challenge for your followers to try and ask them to share the results on your page. You may also try the same challenge and post about it to motivate others. It could be something trivial or a huge task, depending on the interest of your followers.


Do not worry about the pictures in your posts. To make the content real, you can add any relevant images like a coffee mug or a book or a shopping bag. This will make the users aware of what you are up to at the moment. Moreover, personal posts form a deeper connection for sure.

Understand the mindset of your target audience and create posts accordingly. Post what is relevant to your purpose and excite your visitors. A fashion-oriented post is of no use to a photographer or a businessman. Therefore, your content should be relevant, valuable, and unique in order to attract more users to your Instagram account.

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Why is it important to stay active on Instagram?


Social Media has evolved as the mode of communication with regards to sharing pictures, exchange of information, discussion platform, and marketing services too. There lies a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to express opinions and market their valuable services to the distinguished crowd. Instagram is one of the most used social media platform registering thousands of new users every day. Instagram account has become a part and parcel of many lives eventually. Millions of users are active and review posts at least once a day on their Instagram accounts. Obviously, the influencers and those who wish to convey a message to the public need to be proactive and interactive to reach their audience.

Users may pop out for a while and rejoin the conversations at a later stage. However, if you are not regular with your account and posts, the users may find your page or the conversation lines stagnant and overlook other accounts. To keep your followers from leaving and disconnecting from your Instagram page, it is essential to keep updating regular pictures and posts.  This way the page visitors will remain interested and stay connected with you through likes, comments or shares. The to and fro conversation should be steadily on to let the followers know you are consistent and connected.

Here are a few reasons why staying active on Instagram helps to strengthen the relationship with your potential followers –

According to a research,

73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram.

1.       Generates Traffic

When you keep updating your Instagram page regularly, the followers are up-to-date with your latest happenings. The visitors, who visit your page, may convert into loyal followers if your wavelength and interest levels are the same.  The ultimate goal of your pictures and posts is to drive more audience to your Instagram account. Millions of users log in to check for recent updates, blogs, and information about a specific topic.

Unless you are active and lively, there is a high chance that users merely scroll down your posts. There is no point in having a huge number of followers who do not connect or engage on your posts. You can even add a link to your blog or webpage or youtube channel to let the users know more about your interests. Your posts should be exciting enough to compel the users to click on the link so that you can redirect traffic to your desired social medium.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-27 at 11.22.26 PM

Image source : Instagram

2.       Loyalty and Reliability

With so much competition revolving around you on Instagram, many users post similar posts and pictures every day. In order to ensure followers engage religiously to your posts, you must post creative and unique content. You must be honest as far as possible while posting anything personal to build the trust of the users.

Deem as a trusted source once the followers start believing in you. It will end up in a strong connection and add more followers to your Instagram account. Display a positive aspect of your personality to your visitors through your pictures and posts so that they get curious to know further and follow you on Instagram without any further delay.

3.       Stay Aware Building Relations

Instagram is one of the strongest social media to build fierce relationships with your followers. A lot of people use Instagram to stay updated on current affairs, brands, and other news around them, or know what is happening with their followed accounts and influencers, that too within no time. Therefore, when your account has a strong online presence among the rest, you can draw the attention of the followers easily.

 Showcasing your traits and happenings with your followers adds to the personal connection and user engagement. It gives the visitors an opportunity to engage thus increasing your chances of being viewed by more users. Interacting with your followers is a good way to keep them involved and let them feel noticed.

As an influencer on Instagram, you wish to add more and more numbers to the list of followers. Even if your target audience is inactive at a given point of time, it shouldn’t affect your updates. This helps in raising your credibility among your followers. Your Instagram activity makes your account look fresh and active and increases the glance of visitors. And if your posts are exciting to the visitors, in no time the same visitors will be your account followers.

Additionally, when you go through other similar accounts, you will get an insight into what attracts the users. You can look for the most liked posts and analyze the reason for the same to ensure better future posts. You can take a peek into the engaging posts or pictures to help you plan your future posts and pictures. It is important to know about the information that your followers are involved in. 

4.     Sharing and spreading information

When you share premium quality content, it will not just be liked by the visitors of your page, but also they will glad to spread the message around. You can get more audience to view your content and follow you on Instagram. Your personality traits and personal details are further known to many other people on social media. Your exposure is multiplied, thus creating awareness of your thoughts among larger audiences. Not updating your account can let the visitors get bored soon and get disconnected with your account. Remember, there are others who are eyeing the followers and can easily take advantage to seize the attention of the Instagram users.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-27 at 11.32.19 PM

Image source: Instagram


To draw more followers to your account, it is important that your loyal followers engage with your posts frequently. Information passed on through other followers is considered more reliable as people believe in the feedback of other users quickly. Nurture relationships and build a good image among the audience by staying updated with regular posts on your Instagram page.

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