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Did you just upload something on Instagram but did not get views and likes as expected? Do you feel content when the comments show up on your feeds? How about consistent likes, comments, and followers on your Instagram page? If the answer is yes, then this article is surely going to interest you.

It sounds simple, but it is not. It takes some planning and effort to involve your page visitors on Instagram. In order to keep the interest of your followers going, put up some good quality feeds and pictures to market yourself subtly among the followers.

You can fetch great rewards with rising followers. And the good news is, it takes just a few simple steps to reach your target audience. No monetary investment is needed to get the desired audience on your Instagram account. Get them glued to your page organically.

According to a research,

500 million people use Stories every day.

   1.        Get exposed to Instagram surroundings

Instagram is the talk of the youth today. Youngsters use Instagram to interact, influence and indicate their personality. As a social platform to share, like, comment, and tag, Instagram continues to be one of the youth’s favorite.

Instagram is all about pictures, hashtags, and feeds. Unlike other social networks, Insta feeds are short and effective to attract the target users. Pictures are visually entreating and keep the audience engrossed.

In comparison to other platforms where users have to scroll down reading long lines, short and crisp content steals the attention naturally.  

2.        Flaunt your style

Perk up your Instagram page to suit the taste of your target audience. Add a lot of selfies, tag your friends, put the hashtags to use, share your location, in short, make yourself accessible. Personalizing your page to showcase your personality is an excellent way to promote your image on Instagram.

Think from the point of view of your audience, what they like to see and what they expect from your feeds. Include quality pictures and fruitful quotes to grab the attention of the audience.  Make the inputs as inviting as possible to both visitors as well as followers.

3.        Keep the profile simple and easy to find

Ensure your audience can find you easily on Instagram. Use simple and easy to find profile name and bio quote. This lets your audience recognize you quickly in search options.

Keep the spelling short and sweet. If possible, use the same handle and picture as on other social networks. Do not fake it. Punch in what you are. Avoid any special characters that make it difficult for users to find you.

4.        Make your Insta bio happening

Similar to social handle, the Instagram bio should be quirky and short. Since bio is limited to the number of characters, use each space sensibly. Instagram bio is an introduction of you that gives the first impression of your personality to the visitors.

Despite being undersized, Insta bio needs to showcase what you are and what you do in just a few words. It should create curiosity among the users to explore your Instagram page further and find more about you.

Add URL links to your works to make Instagram bio more informative. It helps to keep your other social platforms connected to your Instagram page. If a user wants to find out more, they can always click on the link in your bio section.

Image source: Instagram

5.       Say it with Hashtags

Hashtags form an excellent opener in the field of Instagram. These are the best way to refine your search among the numerous similar feeds and increase your chances of being found.

Keep upgrading your posts with trendy and latest hashtags to have greater visibility. Make sure you use the most relevant and current hashtags. Use a lot of hashtags to increase your reach among the target audience.

You can choose from the list of common hashtags or create your own to match your feed and pictures and grab the attention of the followers. A blend of common and exclusive hashtags optimizes user engagement. Research well on what other similar users are adding as hashtags to get more users onboard.

6.       Turn on your location

Let your users know about your whereabouts. Bring the Geotagging feature to life and make yourself visible. This feature helps you in presenting a variety of pictures and posts, taken in the same location. 

Geotags are the focal point for saved content. It is a chance for your followers to get information about your likes and dislikes in a particular location. Engage your followers by asking for their opinion on pictures and their neighborhood.


Image source: Instagram

7.       Stay focused on your purpose

Do not go overboard about yourself. Keep your Instagram page light and focused. Blowing your own trumpet is not a good idea. Keep the conversations positive and happy. Thank the users who appreciate your feeds.

It is quite common to add too many posts at once as the platform is overwhelming and welcoming in its own way. However, multiple feeds can confuse the audience or slip in scrolling through posts.

Try to drive traffic to your page by staying focused on the purpose of your Instagram page and marketing the same in a subtle manner.

8.     Blend the Instagram promotion with other social networks

Avoid centralizing of promotional tools to a single network. Increase your bandwidth and market yourself on Instagram. Add URL links connecting your Instagram feeds with other social network platforms.

Every platform has some common and certain similar marketing specifics. Take advantage of boosting your posts and other advertising features to promote your Instagram page.

9.   Take advantage of free tools and techniques

Show off your personality traits to the known as well as the unknown crowd with a variety of free marketing tools available on Instagram. Try not to mix in the crowd and stand out to highlight the purpose of your Instagram page.

As Instagram raises its popularity among users, it acts as a visually appealing and interactive social media platform. Keep an eye on your insights and impressions earned through demographic tools readily available on Instagram. It helps to figure out the user engagement details.

10.  Adopt Instagram stories

In order to generate traffic onto your Instagram page, Instagram stories help immensely. These stories appear only for 24 hours on screen. However, it can be saved and used later. Instagram stories are presentations in the form of a slideshow. 

Instagram stories do not mix with the feeds as it does not appear on the profile page below. On the contrary, it is seen on the top of the page as a little section to grab the attention of the page visitors.

Final words 

Finally, be sure to track the numbers of followers, user engagement, and clicks per URL links to plan ahead on how to market yourself on Instagram. Be ready for trials and errors to get steady growth in followers.

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