How to find clients on Instagram?


When you set out your journey on Instagram and wish to create a happening account with followers in huge numbers, do not let yourself spread thin. Go on and search people to target them as an audience to your Instagram page. It is not only essential to have many followers, but also engaging and interested posts to keep the followers growing on your page. The trick here is the trial and error method to watch out for what interests your page visitors.

If you do not market yourself in a unique way, there is a high chance that you fade in the crowd. After all, you want to portray your personality as different and uncommon to stand out of the crowd. Do not copy regular internet stuff or be like others.

Instagram can be one of the best platforms to get your clients to hang onto your profile. If you do not take the right step to win more followers, the endless efforts to add posts, pictures and quotes can go down the drain as it does not reach the right audience who really need to know the information you have posted. Question yourself as to how you are contrasting from your competitors.

Here are a few tricks to add value to your Instagram page and attract more followers –

According to a research,

Only 28% of marketers use Instagram for marketing.

   1.        Nail it with high-quality posts

Keep the same color scheme throughout the posts to make it visually expressive and look symmetrical. Add high-quality pictures that do not blur out or look shabby when posted. Keep the information intact to raise curiosity among the page visitors who would potentially turn into followers. If you are keen on using filters, try and use the same filters for all the pictures so that they all look closely knit.

While adding pictures ensure the color scheme, palettes and tones are well balanced to make you Instagram page look attractive to the users.  Select layouts that generate visual pleasure while someone visits your page. Quotes under the pictures add a reflection of your personality and highlight the purpose of your post.

Do not appear like a scam. Be genuine and avoid appearing desperate. Solidify your image with premium quality posts and pictures to pull more users towards your Instagram page. Blend the right mix of information and interest for the followers to stick to your Instagram feed. Keep your posts aligned with a purpose to engage more audience.

2.        Bring hashtags into action

Understand the power of hashtags and use it wisely to grab the attention of the users. Utilize the hash tags to their full potential to grow your followers. Adding hashtags to the captions or Instagram bio makes it short and simple and to the point.

Be creative with hashtags and try to use hashtags that are relative to your account and makes it easy for the visitors to find you. Do not blend with the crowd using the same hashtags to turn your followers to other posts.

You can do a little research on the hashtags being used by influencers of your choice on Instagram. Ideally, put to use the hashtags that you want your followers to search you with and connect you with. Just like any social media elements, hashtags also keep upgrading with changing trends. So watch out for latest hashtags to keep your account updated.

Try to stay as fresh and unique as possible with hashtags. Repetitive and boring hashtags can bring down followers. 

3.        Outshine your caliber with Quirky Instagram bio

Include a valuable Instagram bio as it is the first impression to the users about your personality and your page. Appear candid in your profile picture and bio quote to raise the curiosity levels of the page visitors so that they are compelled to dig into your Instagram page.

Let your bio match with your traits and do not fake it. Give the users a reason to find more on your page and follow you on Instagram. You may offer a benefit to them to win their hearts and make them understand what is in store for them through an eccentric bio quote.

Do not add too much information about yourself as it may sound like blowing your own trumpet. Focus on your unique personality trait and add supreme quality content around the same. Stand out of the crowd for what you are and what you need to share with the world.

4.        Explore your niches

Find your niche and build content around it that is interesting as well as engaging. Your passion should be your driving force and it should clearly reflect through your posts. Only then the audience and you will enjoy staying connected.

Furthermore, if you do not create passionate and trendy posts, you may get lost in the crowd. Interesting posts are possible only if you and your audience are interested in it alike. Additionally, if you get a hang of what is working for you in your niche, you can easily promote your brand image as an influencer in that category.

5.        Extend your clients

Once you are ready with content and know what your audience likes, it is time to begin engaging your clients through your posts. After all, social media is to get social.

Do not just keep bragging posts that the users read and move on. Generate posts that your audience can engage and relate with. Research a few posts that influencers of your niche have posted. However, the key is to be the original you.

Ignore the spam bots and give weight to the genuine responders who actually reply in a meaningful way. Get them curious enough to check out your page.

6.        Be original and communicative

Make sure your posts revolve around what interests your target audience. Do not go overboard with details about you. Be unique by creating content around your users. Occasionally, you may share personal experiences to let your followers know more about you and stay connected.

Enquire about the well-being of your followers. Add engaging posts and build a trustworthy relationship to make them know their opinion matter. Through your posts, you have to attract more followers and add information that gets more visitors onto your page.

Final words 

Try these simple tips and surely your engagement will raise on this most popularly used social media platform. Remember, there is no quick fix. But keep updating and trying new posts to see what your audience loves to see on your page.

Consistency and hard work is the key. You have to make continuous efforts to set the stage for your page visitors without solely focusing on growing numbers. It is important that people are genuinely interested in your posts and responds positively.

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