Ways to turn your followers into customers for life


Realize your dream to be a successful entrepreneur through Instagram. An adequate number of followers determine the success of a business on Instagram or Facebook.  However, the ability of the account holder to convert the followers into customers determines the ease.

Use the following ways to turn your Instagram followers into customers for life:

According to a research,

73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram.

   1.        Be a storyteller

A picture speaks a thousand words! Through every picture, convey a storyline that highlights the product in a manner in which the customers can use it. For instance, a travel wallet contains a passport replete with visas and a boarding pass.

Make your posts about the customer and how a product can be a part of their memories. A customer shops with his heart and a picture is often the easiest way to touch people’s emotions. Do not make the mistake of making the post about the product. Make your posts customer oriented.

The followers should be able to connect with the bottom line of the picture. With each product or the service, the approach should be to make the customer understand the emotional quotient behind it.

2.        Be authentic

The ideal goal is not to get the first time orders from the followers. Rather, the goal is to make the followers, customers for life. This is possible when the followers receive the orders true to their expectations.

Deliver the product or service as per your post. You may lose customers in case you are not able to achieve the same.

Before using filters, make sure that the altered picture does not change the appearance of the product. Also, make sure that the end results are in correlation with what was promised, especially, if you are selling a service. The quality of the product and service determines whether the customer would return for the second order or not.

3.        Build trust

Make your posts in a way that the customers get to voice their opinions. The point that always manages to drive the sales is that you make customers feel special and valued at your company. Engaging posts can help you achieve this. Start polls or ask questions which not only markets your product but also allows customers to enjoy their participation.

The most common way is using contests in which customers are asked to post pictures related to a particular hashtag. Select a hashtag that resonates with your company brand and this will be an effective way of building trust.

Moreover, ask your customers for their suggestions on what they would like before introducing a new collection. This way customer gets the idea that their opinions helped in shaping up the new product or service. This increases sales and garners trust, which eventually means returning customers.

4.        Understand your audience

It is essential to identify and thoroughly understand the customer base that you intend to target. There are some products primarily for teenagers, some for business professionals, and some for mothers while some for senior citizens. Social media strategies greatly vary depending on the type of audience that you are targeting.

A business professional can never be reached out in the same manner as a teen can. Hence, in either case, craft your social media posts and the marketing campaign thoughtfully. Your stories depend on the type of audience. Moreover, not every segment will be available on Instagram. Even if they are available, it is essential to understand their activity as well. Make your posts based on the interest of your target audience to drive sales.

5.        Make use of current events

Make your marketing devoid of political or cultural bias. But you can use them to your advantage by understanding the general mood of the target audience. By targeting your posts based on the same, the audience reacts positively and feels connected to the product as well.

However, it is imperative that you do this without hurting any sentiments or being disrespectful. For instance, highlight the strongest women amongst your followers and garner trust amidst a feminist movement. The idea is to increase the connectivity of the product for the followers.

Customers who feel a deeper connection based on interest are more likely to return to the same brand later. The only requisite is that you make the posts positive, relatable, tastefully planned and well executed.

6.        Special occasions

Use special occasions effectively for engaging followers. Most brands use them to announce sales. Start planning ahead for a special occasion to make your followers returning customers. For example, in the months leading to the graduation season, make your posts in order to showcase products as meaningful presents. This will enable your followers to see them ideal for their new graduate children.

Echo your products with the sentiments of the followers. Plan in advance so that the followers get an ideal timeline to place orders for the products. Secondly, this will also help them remember the brand the next time when they plan for a similar occasion. Thirdly, this also helps the customer to recommend the same brand to others planning for similar times.

7.        Share experiences

This is most necessary when selling a service. Convince people through success stories. Sell an experience before you sell a product in order to gain customers. You can build a new level of trust among new as well as current customers by sharing experiences of general customers.

Convince your followers into becoming your trusted customers. Persuade them through other customers based on shared interests and requirements. Moreover, existent customers will also develop a deeper level of trust in your brand and return for their subsequent purchases. This way you are generating new customers as well as garnering returning customers.

8.       Build a community

Instagram offers unprecedented direct contact with your customers in the form of followers. Never underestimate the potential of this opportunity. Never make it explicit that sales are your priority. Instead, concentrate on building a community as your followers, irrespective of their backgrounds, have now a common interest, your brand.

Keep on highlighting the relevance of your followers to your brand story and its growth regularly. Do this not only through posts but also through Instagram stories. Personalize the experience for the customers through posts that echo their common beliefs.

You can also achieve this by dedicating a biweekly post to your most regular followers as well. Showcase your gratitude for them and motivate them to continue being your dedicated followers. Customers always appreciate the gratitude a brand offers through such posts. This automatically translates into their loyalty as your customers and drives in recurrent sales.

Final words 

Instagram has given brands and influencers an unprecedented insight into the lives of their customers. The need is to garner the trust of the followers and maintain the same level in the deliverance.

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