How to market yourself on Instagram?


An intensely simplified application that is visually so stimulating and connecting the world around us on our phones is the app – Instagram. This application is now used as a marketing tool owing to its popularity and connectivity across the globe. It provides endless opportunities to show off and convey your mind to known as well as unknown people active on Instagram.

No matter what you do or what you desire to be, you can easily promote yourself on this social networking application. In the case of individuals, you surely get to evolve as an influencer and build relationships if you market yourself the right way with an increasing number of followers on every post that you add on Instagram.

Even though the competition is tough, you can establish a fabulous Instagram page to promote yourself by putting together the right deliverables at the right time. Though it may seem a difficult task at first, once you plan and target your visitors positively, marketing yourself will be worth the time and effort spent.

Here are a few tips to market yourself on Instagram positively.

According to a research,

There are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram.

   1.        Begin with an intriguing username

A flashy and trendy username is sure to grab the attention of your page visitors who are potentially going to turn into followers. To set the right foot forward, choose an Instagram handle that is original and defines your personality so that people feel connected with you. Make it sassy with some unique combinations of name, nickname blended with your favorite personality trait or what you do to give an idea to the users what to expect further.

Avoid using generic usernames that are in abundance already and repetitive or the boring names that the users find on every other Instagram page and confuse you with someone else. If the username you selected is already taken, give it a complete makeover to present a unique Instagram handle to reflect your personality. You may use a nickname or a location tag or your trait that is popular or a domain name to keep the interest of the visitors going.

A username on an Instagram handle is the first sight of the account that can make or break the involvement of the users. Therefore, it is critical to use the username that appeals to your audience.

An awesome example of a great username is below. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-29 at 10.36.26 PM

Image source: Instagram

2.        Juggle with hashtags and geotags

If you do not want your users to turn elsewhere, make sure to use hashtags to narrow the search of the users and make it easier for them to find your page. When you are sure of your content and audience, you can always focus on specific hashtags to appeal to the right audience. Hashtags can be related to your work, persona, or the reason for creating the Instagram account.

Hashtags help you to lay focus on your niche and draw the attention of the users to your account and compelling them to advance as followers. Hashtagging also brings visibility as it makes your post reachable to the world on Instagram.



Image source: Instagram

A Geotag is yet another feature that is burning the Instagram. Refine your search in terms of location so that people can access your account quickly even if the Instagram handle is similar to other accounts.


Image source: Instagram

When you hashtag a post, you actually create a link which when clicked, takes the users to the particular photos, videos or posts uploaded with that hashtags. You may get creative and use your own hashtags. However, in case you fail to make your own hashtags, you can easily find dependable hashtags for your post online in huge numbers to captivate the attention of the users.

3.        Stay connected and updated

Treat your users with warmth and care. Stay updated with your follower’s feed, comment on a few exciting posts, and reply to the user comments and inquiries. This shows your concern for the followers and builds a long lasting relationship with your followers.

Keep your profile up-to-date. Add latest pictures, posts and current happenings on your Instagram page to keep the users glued to your account. Do not include unwanted tags or routine pictures to overwhelm the people viewing your account. Knock together a rapport that let your users stay connected with you.

4.        Say it with pictures

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is all about pictures rather than words. Let it all hang out with pictures for your admirers. Pictures from daily life, travel, nature, pets, music, or anything under the sun can be portrayed extravagantly to capture the interest of the users.

Your page is sure to steal the show if there are beautiful images, tagged properly and added with the right caption to pull your followers to your account. You can save yourself from the hassle of writing imaginary and alluring lines to attract your users.

Do not add irksome and familiar images that are omnipresent online, these blend you in the crowd. After all, your motto is to be noticed in the crowd, so be different from the rest. Learn and invest time in understanding what makes a notable image excellent. Avoid using irrelevant pictures that do not reflect your personality or niche.

5.        Design your content

Being a pie-in-the-sky platform for innovation, creativity, and imagination you can take advantage of this powerful medium to market yourself. Since images occupy the larger extent on the Instagram page, content required on the platform is minimal. Thus, pay attention to focused keywords and hashtags so that you knuckle down good content around the images.

Show your followers how focused is your approach and specific you are with content to create a professional picture in their minds. Add a personal touch to your image to reflect your mind. Post the way everyone understands. Too flashy or uncommon quotes, tags or one-liner can distract the users or confuse them and they might turn to other pages instantly.

6.        Cross promotion

It is a good idea to connect with like-minded people on Instagram. If your target audience is the same, cross promotion helps to associate with each other and swell up visibility.

Affiliate with influential persons with common interests to get more people hopping on to your page. It is an effective means to promote each other and give due credit to each other in your posts.

Running contests to aim at a good reach can get new followers and visitors. Plan an exciting task with alluring prizes asking people to tag their friends and family further. You can even post some discounts and coupons to a nearby event or coffee shop to engage your page visitors and to get an idea of what is trending among the audience.

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