How to become a makeup influencer on Instagram?

Do you have a knack for doing makeup? Are you interested in sharing effective beauty secrets with people all over the world? Then, the career of a makeup influencer can be perfect for you.  

What is influencer marketing? 

As social media is becoming an integrated part of our lives, Influencer marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate around the world. Why you ask? Let’s have a look at following stats. 

  • 70 per cent of teens trust influencers more than TV celebrities. (Source)
  • Not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations, but 40% had purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. (Source)

 Why makeup influencer? 

 Over the last few years, many brands have collaborated with makeup influencers to generate awareness among their audience. Further, many people are turning to their favorite Instagram influencers for various beauty tips as well as advice on purchasing particular products.

According to a research,

According to a report, 57% of fashion and beauty industries rely heavily on influencer marketing for organic growth of their brands.

How to become a makeup influencer?

Makeup has always been a requisite for many. But not all have a skilled hand at it. Though beauty influencers have some of the biggest audiences on Instagram, it takes a great deal of dexterity to reach that level. Moreover, it needs a passion for makeup and zeal to share your knowledge. 


Here are a few points that you can keep in mind to become a successful makeup influencer. 

1.  Staying afloat with the content

For any influencer to make his/her mark on Instagram, it is imperative to remain updated with the trends. Featuring the latest trends or going that extra mile and figuring out worthwhile trends makes a huge difference. 


Influencers like @mackieguzman showcase a lot of eye makeup because it is in vogue these days. This makeup influencer creates the most drool-worthy looks, which are trending. So, stay active and on top of the ongoing trends to stay ahead in the game.

2.  Work Ethics

Work ethic is one of the most prominent characteristics to be successful at any job. Instagram has many users, and almost everyone is aiming to become an influencer. However, it is only through a thorough work ethic that distinguishes you from the crowd. 


Stick to the niche that you are trying to make in. Also, ensure that the products you use or endorse are genuinely worthwhile for the audience. Running behind endorsements and collaborations without relevant content will simply jeopardize your image on the internet. 

3.  Passion

You need to understand that a makeup influencer’s job is much more labor-intensive than any regular job. It is more or less a 24×7 work and only with the passion you can combat such ridiculous hours. It takes determination and persistence to post consistently without getting bored. This is especially true in the case of influencer because it really takes a lot of time to kick off. Acquiring the initial followers requires a great deal of patience. However, if you are consistent and diligent with your Instagram posting game, you can take your influencing career to the next level. 

4.  Originality

Instagram is replete with makeup influencers. It is only with originality that an influencer can be successful on Instagram. Makeup trends are constantly changing, and people tend to copy celebs. Hence, most influencers upload posts detailing as to how people can achieve a particular look sported by a celeb. They try to emulate such looks in their own posts. Thus, it becomes crucial to inject originality into the post for getting noticed among the rest. 


Influencers like @daniellemarcan understand the importance of being original and staying ahead of the crowd. Owing to this, she even showcases posts with vegan makeup products to reach a broader audience.

5.  Incorporate variety

This might seem to be a bit of common advice that an influencer should identify a niche and stick to it. However, many makeup influencers end up making the mistake of only posting videos of makeup tutorials. Understand that since now you are an influencer, you are a public figure. The audience wants to see the aspects of your life, which they can relate to. A relatable celebrity is always much more in vogue and irresistible, and people tend to idolize them. Hence, most successful influencers like @iluvsarahii tend to showcase versatility when posting on Instagram. 


This breaks the monotony of your Instagram accounts and also keeps the curiosity of the audience at peak. So, play up the inquisitiveness of the audience to stay relevant and popular on Instagram.


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6.  Innovation

The need of the hour is to think out of the box to make it big in any career. All makeup influencers post makeup tutorials, but some take it even further. One look at Jazmina Daniel’s account @missjazminad and it is easy to see the reason behind her success. Her innovative thinking and the unconventional use of designs and graphics in makeup is nothing less than an art form. 


The idea is to bring a novel approach to the table. There is no fooling the audience in today’s scenario. If demand is high, then so is the supply. Hence, it really needs some innovative ideas and eccentric posts to make a breakthrough.

7. Know your audience

One of the biggest pitfalls for any aspiring influencer is not understanding the varied audience. Instagram has millions of users, and all these users are continually accosting different content. Hence, for any influencer trying to make it big, the need is to understand that the audience is vast. Makeup tutorials of just one kind are not enough to attract the requisite audience. 


The idea is to have posts that cater to all variegated interests. A makeup influencer should include office looks, cool retro look, nude look, a simple everyday look along with party glam looks. Catering to popular demands is the most effective idea to amass loyal followers. 

8. Ease of replication

The main idea of being an Instagram influencer is that the visitors can easily recreate the post. Aside from the collaborations, it is imperative to showcase products that are not only economical but are also readily available. In addition to this, try to keep the looks easy to achieve. The underlying message behind every post should be pure encouragement for the audience to try these different looks.


Wrapping it up!

Like any other profession, being a makeup influencer needs not only persistence and diligence but also extreme precision. And, the most important thing to keep in mind while you embark on your makeup influencer journey is to always be yourself. 

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