How to get sponsorship with a brand using Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications used worldwide by young and dynamic individuals. This photo-sharing app has over 800 million daily active users. People use Instagram for various purposes such as sharing photos and videos with their friends and family, exchanging information, and promoting their products and services.

Instagram offers a great opportunity for individuals to collaborate with various brands and promote their products and services to the distinguished crowd. Moreover, brands are also realizing the power of using the services of normal people to promote their business.

If you too want to be an influencer and earn sponsorships from big brands, follow these simple steps that can help you take your Instagram game to the next level.    

According to a research,

73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram.

1.     Find your target audience

The first step to get a sponsorship with a brand is to understand who your audience is and what it needs. Your posts should revolve around a particular age group, common interests of people, or specific income groups.

There are some products primarily for a business professional, some for teenagers, while some for mothers. Social media strategies deeply vary depending on the type of audience that you are targeting.

Moreover, not every segment will be available on Instagram. Even if they are, make sure to create your posts on the interests of your target audience to drive more sales.

Finding your target audience also enable you to explain a brand more about the audience they will be reaching if they collaborate with you and what kind of engagement they can expect.

2.     Find a niche

Now that you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to find your niche and build content around it. You can choose from a variety of niches, such as travel, beauty, fashion, food, DIY, and education. But, before selecting a niche, make sure you’re genuinely interested in that particular niche and have enough knowledge and experience in it.

Many budding influencers make the mistake of going after the niche of their favorite influencers. For example, if one of the influencers is making a lot of money in the fashion niche, you’ll think of doing the same. But, following this approach can never make you a successful influencer on Instagram.

3.     Write an interesting Instagram bio

It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. The same goes for your Instagram bio. Your bio is the first thing that brands will notice on your Instagram profile. Therefore, including a valuable and interesting Instagram bio is essential to give the first impression of your personality to the visitors.

Your bio should match with your personality traits and give the viewers a reason to find more and follow you on Instagram. Showcase what you are and what you do. You can also add URL links to your websites to make your bio more informative. Moreover, do not add too much information about yourself and focus only on unique points. In a nutshell, make sure your Instagram bio is quirky and short.

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Image source: Instagram

4.     Use hashtags 

A hashtag is a combination of numbers, letters, symbols, and emojis and is preceded by a # symbol. For example – #ootd, #tbt, etc. These hashtags help to categorize the content such as photos and videos and make them discoverable to people. So, if someone clicks or search these hashtags, they’ll see all the posts tagged with it.

Hashtags help you to lay focus on your niche and draw the attention of the users to your account and compelling them to advance as followers. Hashtagging also brings visibility as it makes your post reachable to the world on Instagram.

Some of the tips you can follow while choosing the right hashtags are –

  •         Don’t use 30 hashtags in all your posts.
  •         Use trending hashtags that are relevant to your photo.
  •         Find the best hashtags by going through the posts of your competitors.
  •         You can even use a combination of hashtags with search volumes varying from 10,000 to 1 million.
5.     Improve your feed appearance

Once you’ve written an interesting bio, it’s time to work on your Instagram feed. A visually appealing feed is very important especially if you’re trying to become an Instagram influencer.

You can choose a particular theme for your feed and edit your photos according to it. For editing, you can use various tools such as Lightroom, VISCO or in-built filters on Instagram. Also to give your feed an incredible visual appeal, take your photos in plenty of light and high-resolution.

Remember, when your feed looks goods and attractive, brands and users are more likely to follow you and like your photos.

6.     Create a media kit

To become a successful influencer and get more sponsored posts from brands, it is essential to have a professional media kit. But, what it is and what does it contain?

A media kit is like a business card of an Instagram influencer. It gives you a professional appearance to your potential brand partners. A creative media kit can easily grab the attention of prospective brands and clients. Moreover, it can also act as a deciding factor in whether or not you get the project.

Another advantage of having a media kit is that you don’t need to write long emails to prospective clients to introduce yourself. Instead, you can customize your media kit according to the requirements of the project and send it right away to them.

A great media kit must include the following –

  • The number of followers you have on Instagram and other social media handles.
  • Details regarding your audience and their demographics.
  • Your media kit should have a great design that matches with your overall personality.
  • If you have a website or a blog, share your website statistics such as the number of visitors and subscribers, page views, etc.
  • Testimonials from previous brands, if any.
  • A brief introduction about yourself.
  • Your contact details
  • Pricing and options for collaboration
7.     Post consistently

To increase your following and attract more brands, it is critical to post at least once on Instagram. When you’re posting content regularly, your followers are more likely to see and engage with your posts. According to various studies, the influencers who post 2-3 times daily are more likely to boost their engagement than those who post once or twice a week.

But, sometimes, it’s difficult to post consistently. In such cases, you can use various scheduling tools such as ripl, tailwind, buffer, etc. that can help you create and schedule all your content in advance. After setting the date and time for posting, your content gets posted automatically.

8.     Choose and tag relevant brands

Now that you’ve followed the above steps, it’s time to think about who you would like to work with. One of the best ways is to focus on the brands you already use. For example, if you are a fashion influencer, is there a brand you always wear? Or, if beauty is your thing, what product you love to use? A shout out on these brands can catch their attention. Also, it could be a great way to start a conversation about collaboration with them.

After selecting the brand, you need to connect with them. But how can you do it? Well, here are mainly 3 ways to outreach to any brand –

  • Tag relevant brands on your post to make yourself visible to them.
  • Create and send a direct message to brands that align with your niche.
  • Send a pitch to the company’s marketing department telling about your purpose of reaching out and what services you can offer them.

Apart from these 3 ways, you can even sign up on various Influencer platforms or communities such as Grin, TapInfluence, InfluencerBay, HYPR, TRIBE, etc. These platforms help you find relevant brands that are willing to connect with influential Instagrammers. Some of these networks require you to have a certain amount of followers before you can sign up on them.

Want to increase your Instagram reach and engagement and turn your followers into life long customers? Get in touch with us immediately to get some tips and tricks on how to grow your reach and make your account visible to various brands.

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