How can WeJustSocial help you increase your Instagram Visibility?


Who doesn’t want to get noticed on their Instagram account? Always looking at competitors and wondering what makes them get more followers? Everyone longs for a strong presence among the online audience. If you compare Instagram with other social medium, Instagram outperforms in terms of user engagement and creativity.

Visually appealing pictures speak louder than words. These images capture the attention of the users. Moreover, hashtags on assorted posts make it easily accessible to audience. Therefore, thoughtfully planned and executed content can bring in more folks to your Instagram account.

According to a research,

Other than Instagram's own account, the most-followed Instagram account as of January 2019 is run by professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, followed by celebrities Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.

However, not everyone is so dedicated or have their busy schedules resulting in impaired use of Instagram landscape. Either the posts are repetitive, or the content is too weak to attract user engagement. Therefore, the content should be visually pleasing, intriguing, and spread over the right time frame to avoid clustering on the Instagram page. Too much effort goes down the drain if the Instagram campaigns do not fetch desired results.  Hence, this brings in the need to hire a social media account manager. These subject matter experts are well aware of the predominating trends to ensure user engaging content is posted through your account.

Their expertise in Instagram content benefits you in multiple ways.
  • Strategize your Instagram campaigns to derive desired outcome
  • Create an alluring bio, profile picture, and visually appealing content
  • Subtle promotion of your Instagram page on other social network platforms
  • Communicating with the users and instilling faith in the audience.
  • Scheduling campaigns and keeping an eye on existing ones to showcase consistency among the target audience
  • Optimized use of functions and features on Instagram through cost-effective ways

WeJustSocial offers the right strategy for you on Instagram to attract more followers with the help of organic and unique content. The advisors ensure stability in popularity and content on your Instagram. Moreover, posting the campaigns at the right time, following up on posts, tagging the relevant users, adding compelling captions to the pictures, responding to user comments, including hash tags , all this will be taken care of. You may even work towards monetization of posts using various strategies for your Instagram account.

1.  Posting user engaging and quality content

Merely posting a picture will not help unless it reaches the right audience. If you want more people to get excited about your posts it needs efforts to highlight user generated content. Moreover, there are multiple posts that go unnoticed by the audience every day. Some posts are too similar to even grab the attention of the Instagram users. Therefore, creating unique and inspiring posts and pictures is critical. The content quality should be high so as to build your image on Instagram.

WeJustSocial understands the objective of their client and designs some extra creative content to get the maximum reach on Instagram.  Therefore, define your audience and focus on your talents to showcase it through your posts. The shared pictures should be compelling for the target audience to like, comment or share. Also, ask your followers to tag friends to let it stretch to further audience. Be proactive while responding to user comments. Moreover, do not forget to like their comments to let them know they are noticed. 

2.  Planning and executing a content calendar

One of the reasons why many accounts are just scrolled through is the visual presentation of the Instagram page. Too many posts can result is loss of interest or just confuse the audience. However, you will lose the essence of the content and its purpose if it is not posted at the right time. Staying consistent and aesthetic also helps to be loyal among the followers. Moreover, your posts should be such that it creates curiosity and people look forward to what is next.

Any expert content manager will assist in drafting a calendar to spread the online campaigns consistently. Therefore, it is essential to remain vigilant towards the previously posted campaigns too. You cannot just post something and forget about it. It results in loss of reliability and integrity among your audience. The campaigns might need alterations with time to give it a fresh look. Hence, plan ahead and schedule your posts and define a time to publish the same so that the audience is aware of when you are active.

3.  Staying ahead or at least in line with the trend

To create entertaining and informative content always, it is important to benefit from the rising trends online. Thus, voice out on the current topics that are viral to grab the attention of the followers. Create polls, quiz, and questions to let people respond on the current situation. If there is some event or occasion, put your own spin to it if you can. Such posts are more engaging and exciting to the audience. Moreover, it brings in more visibility to your account.

Social Media experts are fully knowledgeable about what is in and at times even what is next. They will help you create interesting posts and outshine your image among the users. You can even add relevant hashtags to connect with more users who are interested in the same topic and get them to respond to your post.

4.  Track your success

Instagram creates opportunities for constant learning. You experiment with your posts make you understand what works well among the users. The content that is disliked by the audience can be altered to what your page readers like. Look around your account and analyze the most and the least engaging posts. You can plan your future posts on the analysis. Figuring out the spotlight that made the posts successful can help you create better content and gain more visibility.

Repeat posts that create excitement among the target group. Higher the engagement, greater the visibility on Instagram. Sit with the social media managers to reflect on the pros and cons of the content and analyze what makes it successful or not.

5.  Blending social media channels

While Instagram may be your primary source of branding, you must not forget the advantages of other social platforms. In case you notice more success on other platforms, it is a good idea to combine the channels. Integrated marketing efforts spread across various platforms ensure 100% success. Use the success of other channels to get more Instagram followers by running campaigns with cross promotions. Add links to the channel in your bio or posts and let your followers know more about you.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

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