How does WeJustSocial work to help you gain more following on Instagram?


It is a known fact marketing opportunities are rising in the landscape of Instagram. Billions of users access information on global brands and influencers through social platforms. With advancing functionalities on Instagram you get an excuse to showcase your strength easily to your followers. Companies focus their efforts on gathering more audiences and generate further business. Hence, it absorbs a lot of time and energy to design quality content that inflicts user engagement.

According to a research,

72% of teenagers use Instagram and nearly as many (69%) use Snapchat. Both have increased by more than 20% since 2015.

Designating a social media manager can help save time and effort. The team of experts works constantly to grow your number of followers with exciting content on your Instagram page. They are well versed with the existing trends on Instagram and weave posts around it to ensure the user engages and responds proactively on your posts. They also keep track of your growth rate and analyze your success to know what works best among your target audience. Moreover, they prepare content in advance and chart out a content calendar to post the content consistently. Thus, they provide all this and more at discounted prices to help you stay in budget.

Not everyone has the knack to divert their efforts in the right direction. Thus, to achieve desired results, it is essential to perform the following actions.
  • Write engaging posts and add attractive creatives
  • Interact with users by replying to their comments, likes, and shares
  • Optimize use of Instagram tools to your benefit
  • Set a schedule to post the content at regular intervals
  • Keep a check on your algorithms
  • Use Instagram stories, live videos, and vlogs

If any of the above actions are not done rightly, the results will not be as expected. Thus, the need for WejustSocial arises. The Instagram buffs ensure you reach your target audience seamlessly. Here is what they would love to do for their clients to delight their audience. Moreover, they don’t just curate the content but also indulge diligently in after post activities such as responding, liking, commenting, and sharing the posts to engage more people.

1.  Curates Content

It is a major responsibility of the Social media manager to curate content to grab the attention of the users. WejustSocial creates visually pleasing content and excites the readers alike. They use apt captions for the pictures and posts that quickly attract visitors. Engaging and entertaining posts, pictures help in highlighting your brand image. Moreover, including a call to action for followers, encouraging polls, and responding to comments make the users feel involved. Consistently posting user engaging content adds to loyalty among followers.

Thus, consider including relevant hashtags to connect with users and pages of common interest. Also, decorating the posts with emojis and presenting it vibrantly to the users. Winning over followers is simple if your content is shareable and relatable. Moreover, posting at the best times to get more visibility is a good move to gain more followers.

2.  Update regular posting schedule

Not always can you come up with the best ideas for content instantly. If followers do not find your content unique, there are chances they’ll scroll it down. Therefore, it is ideal to plan your posts in advance. Spread the posts evenly in line with the latest trend in the market. The social media experts help you plan your content calendar by discussing assorted campaigns that can be run at different periods. This gives them more time to align the campaigns and stay responsive to already posted content. Hence, it is very critical to let the users feel your presence online.

When your campaigns are streamlined way ahead of their posting date, you get enough time to make changes as per current trends. The influencers whose posts are in the flow and regularly updated, tend to get more visitors on their page. Consistency also brings your posts on top of the timeline. Thus, followers feel a part of it by commenting, sharing, and liking your posts.

3.  Enhanced User engagement

If your posts are not compelling enough for users to respond, then you need to revisit the strategy and style. To amass followers, the content should be user engaging. The user should be able to resonate with what is being posted from your account. As long as the followers connect with the ideas, they will automatically involve in the post.

Therefore, add necessary hashtags, or connect with other brands with a common audience to rope in more people into your idea. Think from the perspective of the audience and post what engages them. Moreover, ask your followers to tag friends and family to involve a further audience. Create polls of current topics allowing users to vote.

4.  Sharing content on other platforms

Many users have accounts on multiple social media channels. When you cross-promote your content, the chances of gaining more followers increases. It also helps users to find you quickly on Instagram and follow you instantly. Add links to your YouTube channel to let the users get more information about your objectives.

Share the posts on different channels to ensure it is reiterated among users. If you post a quiz or contest or offer deal or giveaways through your content, share it on other social platforms too. It widens the reach of your content. Moreover, tagging people on your posts can also widen the scope of your content.

5.  Collaborate with others who have a common audience

Keep an eye on what works with your audience. Analyze your success and ensure the posts that get your followers are repeated quite often. When you find something on other’s accounts that is insanely hit among your target audience, try to create the content of similar nature. Moreover, try to alter such content with your personal touch. Get in touch with other influencers and work towards a common interest that excites your audiences. 

Follow people or like their posts with whom you wish to collaborate. Understand the benefits of gathering a larger audience. Also,avoid spam and repetitive posts to keep up the interest of the users.


Managing your Instagram account can consume a lot of effort and eat up time. You will need consistent quality posts that entertain your users and hook them up to your account for a longer time. Thus, hiring a social media manager is an effective option to outperform on Instagram.  

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

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