Tips on Writing a Good Instagram Bio in 2019


Contrary to what one might think, writing Instagram bios is not all that easy and requires quite a bit of thought.

Instagram is often used by influencer, and in such case writing a stellar bio becomes all the more critical. With millions of Instagram users online, users takes a fraction of seconds to glance through profiles and form an impression.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to create a good Instagram bio and how critical they are in effectively communicating to users what you do. All of this will help you convince your profile visitors to hit the coveted ‘follow’ button.

According to a research,

There are 39% of active Instagram accounts with over 15k followers are influencers.

1.        Enhance the Name in your Bio to connect with search queries

This is a basic pre-requisite to get the ball rolling – the name of your Instagram account is just as important as your bio if not more. For starters, by name, we do not mean the username of your account, but the ‘name’ field in your profile.

When a user hits a search for your brand on Instagram, it is through the profile name that they identify and associate you with the brand name you carry. Hence, ensuring consistency in your brand name lends to your aura a sense of trust and reliance.

Additionally, the name and username are the only fields through which Instagram associates searches with your profile.

Hence, in order to get every follow searching for your brand to land on your Instagram profile, you’ve got to get your profile name on point. That’s not to say you make things a little fun – use the ‘name’ field to convey your specialty service or niche offering to your followers.

For inspiration, check out how twist_of_lemons patches in humor into her Instagram bio name. Not only does this help you stand out among your peers, but it is also a great way for followers to search you down easily.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-14 at 2.42.16 PM
2.        Splash your skills

If there’s a particular hobby, a niche skill set or an interest that you possess, your Instagram bio is the right place to broadcast it! A bio is not only to explain what you do but it also a great way to tell people what’s special about you.

Mind you, it should be something of intrigue in order for browsers to start following you. Additionally, this little piece of information also doubles up as a key differentiator between you and your competitors.

3.        The importance of keywords

Keywords in your bio, unlike their usual use across various platforms, are not used to attract users through searches to your profile. That’s the job of a stellar profile name, remember?

Why then, should you include powerful keywords in your bio? Well, that’s how you establish a connection with your followers and draw more attention to your Instagram account!

Finding the right keywords for your bio involves breaking down your core values as well as that of your target audience. A logical way to do that would be to construct an Instagram profile of your ideal follower and exploring their key interests, pain points and needs as a consumer. Identify what strikes a chord with them and you have your keywords.

4.         Website Links

Unlike other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook where placing web links anywhere in your content is easy, on Instagram it is only your bio that can feature a link to an external page. Use this space to direct followers to your official website or blog and encourage them to connect with you on multiple platforms.

A drawback with Instagram is the lack of hot links that enable you to direct audiences to a particular new launch, campaigns or webinar. This can be worked around by regularly updating the link to your bio and mentioning the same in your posts to inform them of what’s new with your brand.

As Instagram gives you scope for only one URL, Later gives you the chance to showcase a shoppable Instagram feed called that helps drive traffic to your online store. On clicking this, your followers will be directed to your web/mobile landing page that mirrors your Instagram feed and displays your Instagram posts as clickable images.

5.         Include your email address 

Many Instagram accounts today are sharing their e-mail addresses along with website links. This gives followers wishing to contact you a clear direction to do so. Also, in case you may miss a DM or two occasionally, an e-mail mitigates the risk of slipping something by.

6.         Insert creative elements in your Instagram Bio

While the bio is your two-minute pitch to establish a relationship with a prospective follower, doing the same in style makes far stronger an impact than otherwise. The fact that Instagram is one of the more casual and fun social media platforms should be reason enough to through in some light-hearted creativity in your bio.

Here’s how being creative can add sparkle to your Instagram bio:

  • Tie in Emojis as Text Dividers

Use emojis as a means to break your text-heavy Instagram bio themes rather than simply clicking on the monotonous space bar on your keyboard. Emojis can also be used to convey various features of your brand or product, or even just display the lighter side of you!

  • Include Your Brand Hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere! Whether it is Twitter or your physical marketing collaterals hashtags are a great way to drive engagement on your posts. Why exclude Instagram bios from all the fun, then? Throw them into your posts, Instagram contests and your bio to boost profile visits.

Consistently broadcasting your brand hashtag is a great way to get your followers in a habit of re-posting your updates with it.

A word of caution though – do keep in mind that your hashtags are clickable from your Instagram bio only on the web and not on a mobile application interface.

  • Play With the Font of Your Bio

Changing the font of your Instagram bio works well to make each description stand out and grab the attention of your audience.

For ideas on different fonts and fun calligraphy for your Insta bio, turn to this fun text app called Textizer that gives you access to a whole lot of exciting fonts for Instagram and also other apps!

  • Break Down Your Bio

To make the information you share on your Instagram bio more sorted and consumable, break it down by adding line breaks. This also ensures browsers don’t miss out on any important information amid all the text which could make or break the success of them following you.

How do you do this? A simple way to add line breaks is by simply typing ‘Return’ in your bio on the web version of Instagram. However, do remember that line breaks feature only on the mobile interface of Instagram and not on its web version.

  • Include a CTA in Your Bio

It may seem like a trivial thing to do, but include a call to action in your Instagram bio can go a long way in urging browsers to connect with you on Instagram and drive engagement on your posts.

  • Mention Your Physical Location & Hours of Operation

This is an absolute must-do if you own a brick and mortar store or organize events/sales that carry precise location and time details with them.

Including your exact location can also let users identify your profile in association with your store outlet, hence extending grand goodwill from Instagram to your store and vice versa.

The Comprehensive Instagram Bio Checklist

There’s a lot that goes into creating an Instagram bio that forms a good first impression and gets your profile visitor to hit that coveted ‘Follow’ button! Here’s a quick summary of your bio elements you ought to tie into yours:

  • Put out exactly who you are and what it is that you do
  • Use keywords that cater to your audience pool in order to capture their mindshare
  • Mention your website/blog link and use bio to direct your followers to your shoppable Instagram feed
  • Let nuances of your personality and brand image reflect through emojis and fonts in your bio
  • Give your followers a way to get in touch with you

Final words-

Influencers across the world who wish to strike a chord with their Instagram audience use such creative elements in their Instagram name and bio in order to drive engagement, increase followers and positively impact sales. You could chart out any sort of brand image that works for you, but remember to leverage the about hacks to empower your creative process!

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