Why is WeJustSocial better than Jarvee, Perfectliker, and 4gram?


If you wish to advertise through your social media channels, you need to first weigh your options. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan and execute a campaign on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. However, keep in mind the list of pros and cons to evaluate what works among your audience to fetch you desired results.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing digital marketing medium with growing numbers every day. Unlike other social channels, this platform gains popularity because it is all about pictures. Compelling captions glorifies the images and is an icing on the cake.

According to a research,

Instagram and Snapchat are tied for the second-highest used messaging app (behind Facebook Messenger) for millennials at 47%.

Why Instagram?

Creative, expressive and innovative pictures define Instagram and this feature sets it apart from other social media platforms. Since Instagram is a visual landscape, it is essential to post content that is eye catching by larger audience. Thus, marketing your skills on Instagram offers a chance to connect with new likeminded folks. Moreover, these people are more interested and excited to know about your objectives. If you post user engaging campaigns, there are chances of getting noticed among the crowd. These followers tend to like, comment, share your posts instantly.

Therefore, if you don’t possess skills or have limited time, hire a social media expert to manage your account. The managers post trendy pictures and generate user engagement through visually appealing content. Moreover, they tend to highlight your goals and grab the attention of the users who are likely to become loyal followers later on.


Some Social media management applications

There are two ways to manage your Instagram account. One is the auto generated applications that help you to gain more followers, likes, comments on your content. In case you are not able to create exciting content through your account, you will not be able to reach more people. You can consider online apps to manage your content.

Applications such as Jarvee, Perfectliker, and 4gram work best for Instagram account management. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Though these boost your likes, followers and comments, these are fake accounts and thus do not comply with Instagram guidelines.

Automated commenting may be worthless as it lacks personal touch. Therefore, you may want to deal with distinct people differently. There may be a flood of activities through these online applications, yet quality takes a backseat. Therefore, WejustSocial provides an ideal solution. It is a team of experts that take generous time to draft and post campaigns through your Instagram account.

Disadvantages of using apps like Perfeclinker, 4gram, etc. 

The main disadvantages of using other managers are:

  1. It is quick to grasp but difficult to apply. The quantitative applications work only towards rising numbers. Thus, you cannot just assign a task to the bots and relax. You need frequent follow up on its settings to ensure quality actions from your account.
  2. Automation does not offer a fool proof solution to become an influencer on Instagram.
  3. Moreover, low quality content may get trapped on your account due to this technology hack.
  4. Also, if your advertisement is word based and not picture based, then bots are of no help at all. You will need to design your content as per your objective.
  5. Thus, online apps can make Instagram less productive if the functionalities are not used sensibly. Many times, the automated apps do not comply with the terms of Instagram. 
Benefits of hiring WejustSocial for your Instagram account are as follows –
1. Generating user engagement

If you want to draw attention of larger audience, creating user engagement is necessary. There are thousands of posts that get ignored on daily basis. Unless your users relate to your posts and respond to it, the purpose of posting the picture isn’t resolved. Your social media manager tries the best to draw more people in.

Therefore, creating polls, asking opinions, current trending images can do the magic. These experts are updated about latest happenings around and can easily design content around it. Of course, keeping your objective in mind. They drag more visibility to your account with exciting pictures and posts for your users. Moreover, including relevant hashtags, compelling captions and emojis adds to the flavor. The experts are proactive to comments and responses from followers to let them ensure your loyalty and build your image in front of your target audience.

Services like Jarvee, 4gram, etc.  can also be set to reply to comments, like a post, follow a post or schedule posts. However, these automated bots cannot strategize on its own. 

Here are the methodologies that a proficient manager uses so that user engaging content can help you fetch desired results on Instagram:
  • Increases traffic on your page
  • Grows awareness about your image among target audience
  • Improves faith in users
  • Keeps in touch with audience
  • Inform your objectives to people
2.  Promoting your ideas and objectives

Marketing on social media requires strategy well combined with creativity. It is an overwhelming figure on various platforms that market or sell through online channels. Social media manager can help you strategize your content in advance in line with what works best for your audience. They ensure quality content delivery at the right time. Moreover, it helps to focus on your objectives and convey the same to your audience.

The content calendar is charted after considering your goals and perspective to run assorted campaigns at different times. This is the ultimate reason why someone hires a social media manager. To gather crowd and pass on your ideas to them.

Automated apps like Jarvee, 4gram and Perfectlinker have functionalities to convey your thoughts to the audience. However, it cannot customize the responses or give a personal touch to your followers.

To express your mind to the followers your social media manager performs the following tasks:
  • Curate creative content
  • Analyze your success and track what works for your audience
  • Stay in budget
  • Promote your services and objectives
  • Converse with your users
3.  Cross marketing with other channels

It is always a good idea to cross market content from various social media platforms to drive more traffic to your accounts. You can add a link to your youtube channel on your post or in a bio. Moreover, adding a call to action makes the users more responsive. Solicit feedback from followers often. Analyze what your users appreciate.

Share your mission and goals through your content and share it across various social media platforms. More views on other platforms can get the people following you on Instagram too. Thus, take advantage of advance functions and peep into insights and track your success. Your trump card is authentic content leading to happy followers.


If you work efficiently towards your desired result, numbers are sure to follow. Therefore, build on your strategies and strive towards quality content. The struggle is real. Social marketing should breakthrough the similar posts from competitors and hit the audience.

Automations definitely gives you time to focus on core tasks by taking care of the routine functions. So, managers can spend time and money on important projects.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

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