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Instagram has become a ubiquitous service with everyone fighting for attention. Businesses are growing through it and celebrities are coming closer to real people. With so much happening on Instagram, the main requisite is to gain popularity. Increasing the number of followers organically can be pretty daunting. This is specifically true when the user does not have any contacts or celebrity status. However, there are certain tools like WeJustSocial chrome extension that is genuinely helping users increase the number of their followers.

So, here are some ways in which WeJustSocial is helping the customers:

According to a research,

More than one-third of Instagram users have used their mobile devices to buy something online -- 70% more likely than people who are not on Instagram.

1.  Smart algorithm

The extension uses a smart algorithm that filters out unwanted noise. The algorithm is robust enough to illuminate all fake accounts, thereby, allows you to deal with only the relevant accounts.

Through this interaction of the accounts, WeJustSocial lets the customers increase the number of followers. The smart technology points out the relevant information about your account. This allows customers to build an organic community based on shared interest, thereby increasing their number of followers.

Thus, this proves to be effective for all types of customers wherever the goal is to increase the number of followers. It also increases the visibility of the account. The technology makes use of a dashboard with analytics and targets your audience based on hashtags. In addition to this, WeJustSocial manages your IG along with managing your IG follows.

2.  Simple to use

Instagram has users from all walks of life. Hence, Instagram also attracts users that are not from a good technical background. Without much knowledge of technology as well as content marketing, these users can increase their followers using services like that of WeJustSocial.

Hence, the extension is simple enough for users to use it without any need for computer knowledge. This is further adding to its popularity. Most users are benefiting from this extension and can increase their following manifold fairly quickly.

3.  Economical rates

WeJustSocial offers a free trial after which the extension can be increased based on a financial plan. The plans are available at different rates for different requirements of all the users. Plans are available at very low prices, which enables users to get them without much further ado. Plans are also comprehensive enough to accommodate the varying needs of the users. The free trial is available for 15 days, which allows users ample time to judge the extension and its applicability.

4.  Varying fields 

WeJustSocial caters to a variety of uses from varying backgrounds. Whether the user is looking for increasing brand awareness or trying to become an influencer, WeJustSocial is the tool. Users can enjoy the benefits of the extension for any type of account. The fields that WeJustSocial covers include photography, travel, business, etc. Thus, the users are enjoying the benefits of the increased number of followers within the same day. Moreover, the fast pace of the extension is also attracting users all over the world.

5.  Networking

Social media accounts are available to allow users to network with one another. Through this extension, users can interact with the accounts that have similarity to the theme of their account. This makes it an ideal tool to help you grow your community and build connections. The tool is bringing people closer and increasing their network organically. Moreover, the extension stops following the unresponsive accounts. This makes it perfect for filtering out unwanted accounts from your database. The accounts are benefiting one another, which is attributing to the healthy usage of the app.

6.  Effective targeting

The service is helping users interact with only the relevant content. This is ensuring that the users stay within their loops of interest without bothering about any fake activity.

Moreover, users can look at other people’s content as well which is of their interest. This is allowing them to expand their horizon and grow in their field. The healthy interaction is helping the users to reach out further by incorporating much more interactive content. Thus, they can plan their posts depending on the type of posts that their followers might be interested in. Also, the AI application recommends the next steps based on the insights.

7.  Easy installation

The extension is easier to use and is also simple to install. The users need to fill out a form and the experts will get in touch with them. The complicated setup or dashboard is not the case with this extension. Therefore, this facilitates the use of the app for all the users irrespective of their technical background. The technical incompetency does not prove to be a hurdle.

The extension emulates Instagram in this feature, as neither requires any technical knowledge. This is allowing users to incorporate the app as a chrome extension for themselves and make most of it.

8. Trustworthy

WeJustSocial is already popular among users. Many users are already using this extension, which is making it extremely trustworthy. The reviews are available on the website for new users to check them out before installation. These proven results are a testament to the popularity of this chrome extension. The application is already winning over the customers with its benefits. The trustworthy services and quick results make a good combination for attracting customers worldwide. The economical rates are also letting customers use this service with much ease. The fair prices are making it a good bargain to effectively increase the followers on Instagram.

9.  Responsible growth

WeJustSocial believes in responsible usage of the internet. Hence, the extension only incorporates customer’s who are 18 years of age or above. Moreover, to confirm the ingenuity of the account, the application only helps accounts with a minimum of 8 posts. All these conditions are in place to ensure the safety of the customers. The idea is to eliminate any fake information or unresponsive activity. The intelligence behind the application is taking all measures to allow users a complete assurance. This is promoting the service and its growth even further.


WeJustSocial is helping users all over the world. The idea is to help the customers to become influencers, expand their network efficiently. It is helping them build their online communities based on shared interests. This is further proving to be a great strategy because it helps the users to plan out their posts based on the interest of their followers. This further attracts more new followers and creates a cycle for the users. WeJustSocial is enabling brands to gain an audience on the Instagram. The benefit is that all followers are genuine and are above the age of 18.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

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