How to know whether the service provider is genuine or fake?


You strive hard and plan your Instagram account well to influence or motivate your target audience. However, when you lack sufficient time, online content or target audience, hire an Instagram service provider. These agencies are well equipped with the latest marketing strategies to help you grow on Instagram.

Moreover, the service providers analyze the client’s requirements and potential to focus on result oriented content.  The team of professionals is a lead generator through paid promotions.

With the advent of digital marketing, these service providers work hard to bring your name on top of the charts. The companies offer luring ways to user engaging posts to attract more visitors to your account.

However, a lot of scams and scandalized firms portray expertise, loot money and then wave goodbye. Do not fall prey to such scam companies that try to rope you in and vanish. Look for genuine and well-established names in the field of social media marketing.

Many Instagram service providers are undervalued. Many providers work at a snail’s pace or focus on only advertising. While some lack talented professionals, or are too money minded and evaluate everything in terms of money. Therefore, research well about the service provider and avoid hiring a fake service provider.

Thus, if you decide to hire a professional marketing agency nevertheless, dig out the details to examine if the Instagram service provider is genuine.

According to a research,

Over 60 percent of users log in to Instagram daily , making it the second most engaged social network after Facebook.

1.   Pace of work

A real Instagram service provider does not delay work. It works quickly on the strategies and implements the plan in time. Whether meeting the deadlines or execution of planned content for your Instagram account, it should be sorted in advance. Therefore, the service providers must be able to analyze the current content and suggest what fits in the best. It should be open to changes with changing times.

The providers should be well aware of recent trends and make ways to attract more followers. It should keep you well informed of the results of different experiments that they intend with your Instagram page. To make your account leading among the followers, the service providers should not hesitate to inform you and experiment with your Instagram page. It takes account of its assumptions as per the updates in the marketing world.

2.   Does not stick to ‘only’ advertising

A real service provider does not focus entirely on direct promotions. Advertising should be only a part of its services. Use the tools of marketing to add value to followers. It should sweat it out to build your name and reputation and get you increased visitors. The message should reach your target audience subtly but without blowing your own trumpet. The Instagram service providers show traits of managing public relations through your account.

The audience is too smart these days and can quickly understand what paid promotion is. Thus, the service provider should curate content that will draw the attention of the target audience. Only then, the visitors transform into loyal followers. You must discuss your vision with the service providers so that the audience feels the connection with your posts. At no given time, should your page look fake or unreal.

3.     Continuity of services

Fake agencies concentrate on quantity and not quality. The real ones suggest campaigns and continue to work towards successful completion. The unreal service providers do not engage in excessive content planning to make it look overdone. Users may skip too many posts or find it monotonous. When more than one strategy is going on simultaneously, the attention is divided and the end result may vary.

Do not give an upper hand to your competitors by wasting time on planning too many posts or inappropriate content at once. In the long run, only successful posts will build a good image among your followers. Real service providers work closely on building a holistic strategy to achieve online success.

4.     Supports customer relations

To be in a win-win position, the Instagram service providers don’t just create a relationship with the audience. It strives hard to sustain and nurture public relations through your Instagram account. When you are active and keep in touch with the audience, your followers stay loyal and feel connected. People are smart with technology to make out the difference between real and fake connections.

Real agencies not just manage a relationship with your followers, but also share with you tips to do the same. Engage with your Instagram audience to ensure long term relationships. Respond and reply to the people who like or comment or share your posts regularly.

5.     Transparency in strategies

Fake agencies are not transparent with their clients. They tend to showcase data through restricted reports.

However, genuine service providers show off complete data and reports to take advantage of the experience of their team and you together. You can then discuss and apply insights from each of your experiences to benefit your Instagram page.

Working together as partners helps each of you to grow alike, learning from each other.  Also, the focus of such providers is to mint money from the clients and they do not think of quality.

Thus, the fake agencies are startled to present their strategies and reports and fake it well before you to win your confidence.

6.    Professionalism

The best service providers will definitely hire the best talent. A professional team can help you build your Instagram page with their expertise and experience.

However, the real agencies are aware of the current trends in the market. Thus, they plan ahead and discuss the content with you before posting. These providers take responsibility for their work and ensure the deadlines are met. Moreover, they do not make excuses for non-commitments.


Thus, in the constantly changing landscape of Instagram marketing, the real service providers understand the importance of sustainability. The competition is tough and mere advertising is not enough to promote your account.

In the end, we can say that the fake agencies are just data-driven, whereas, real ones are creative and market driven. 

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