Ways to Generate Leads with Instagram Stories


Instagram continues to be a favorite social media app among users across the globe. With almost all the people logging into Instagram, it becomes an awareness creating medium and information passing channel for many. With Instagram stories burning the stage, people are using it to generate leads for their accounts.

To reach your target audience, you put endless efforts in your content and aesthetics of your page. However, there are changes that the content gets lost in the hundreds of other similar posts on Instagram. This is when Instagram stories define their place. Since it is published on top of the page as a different setup and not part of the feed, Instagram stories are more likely to be noticed and viewed by the users.

An Instagram story is a collection of pictures, videos, and GIF’s blended together to form a story. A lot of times, the stories are posted unfinished and thus the users don’t get sufficient information from it. To ensure the users really stay loyal and engaged with your stories, try to create short and meaningful stories that cannot be missed.

An Instagram story is good to generate the interest of the users initially. However, you can add a URL link to your website or blog or youtube channel to channelize the curiosity of the audience.

Listed below are few tips to help generate leads from Instagram Stories-

According to a research,

There are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram.

   1.       Find your target audience

When you are ready to post on your page, you should be aware of the people you want should see the post. Your post should revolve around a particular age group, common interests of people or specific income groups.

Share posts that serve a purpose. You must plan your posts to align with your personality and show off your skills. Since the Instagram story is available only for a short time period, your content should boost user engagement in less time. This is why you need to target your loyal followers and audience that share a common interest.

You can have a call to action for the users or a URL page to visit for the audience to keep up their interest in the post. The post should be a value add for the visitors otherwise there are high chances of redirection of visitors to other Instagram stories.

2.       Get the URL link set up

Instagram stories are short messages to users. You can plan content well in advance to draw the attention of the viewers as the stories do not form a part of the feed but appear evidently on top of the Instagram page.

It is a good idea to include URL links set up in your Instagram stories to direct the curious viewers to a landing page for further details. Ensure the links are included wisely to compel the users to take action. 

If the users go through your story and do not find any link till the end, the story ends in no time and the cohesive content may not be worthy enough. You can load your Instagram page or a feed that you wish to show off to your users through your URL.

3.       Create a compelling content

Once you decide to post an Instagram story, you need to curate content that your views will benefit from. Think of what appeals to your audience and schedule content in advance to save time and effort.

Make sure the purpose of the post is clear and the visitors find it valuable to compel them to take a call to action. Your heading itself should convey the reason for your story followed by an image that highlights the benefits to the users.

If you are adding a link to your form or website, ensure the right information is passed on to the client to drive more traffic to your website or page. Make sure you follow up and revisit the followers’ page to display loyalty.

4.       Use trial and error method

Create content that is fun, entertaining and beneficial to the viewers. Above all, the content should display your personality and highlight the purpose of your post. You must check and review your content before posting it.

Keep an eye on the content that generates leads and tries to create the content of a similar pattern. Do not fall prey to unusual viral posts. The same may not be appropriate for your target audience.

Upgrade the parts in your posts that are visually appealing and add value to your Instagram story. There should be a perfect blend of creativity with planning and organizing to produce superior stories that stand out of the crowd.

5.       Share your purpose clearly

Let the viewers know the reason for posting your story. Let them analyze the benefits and be willing to know more about you through your Instagram page. You must plan your content strategy to drive more traffic to your page.

Use relevant hashtags so that your story is easily found by users on Instagram. Hashtags also highlight the purpose of the post and give an insight into the content to the viewers. Your call to action should be evident and simple for users to know what their next step should be.

If possible, add a call to action in the caption itself to ensure the users click on the URL or land on the page you want the viewers to be.

6.       Create value through content

Why should a visitor turn on notifications or convert into followers? This is the question you must ask when creating a story. Your story should be so crisp and beneficial to the viewers that they should automatically convert into loyal followers.

One of the most important aspects is user engagement. Viewers should be able to connect and understand the purpose of the post through the substance in the post. Constantly, post stories to ensure your users know you hold a consistent and active Instagram account.

There is much more to an Instagram story than just a mere image or video for the users. It acts as a powerful lead generation tool if used properly. A lot of planning and organizing is needed to increase the number of followers on the Instagram story. Thus, use it wisely to capitalize your posts.

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