Ways to Create High Quality Instagram Content That Grows Your Account


To ensure your page visitors stick to your account and engage with your feed on Instagram page, create high quality content that interest your users. This helps to create good will and in turn grow your audience. With so many posts of similar content lying around on Instagram, it gets difficult to grab the attention of the audience and let them stay loyal to your account.

It is important to stay consistent and create feed that is liked by your users. Plan ahead about what should go onto your page. Focus on your Aesthetics to keep the posts visually appealing for the new users as well as old followers.

There are a lot of free applications that assist in creating quality content for your Instagram page to stand out of the crowd. Choose the tools wisely to draft an attractive post or edit pictures to nail down the content for your posts. Figure out in advance how to shoot, edit, post your content consistently to let your users stay tuned to your page.

Here are a few tips and tricks to create quality content on Instagram to grow your followers-

According to a research,

38% of users check Instagram multiple times a day.

1.     Plan in advance

The basic step in planning your content is to think of what appeals to your audience. The content designed should be parallel to your personality and purpose of your Instagram page. If it looks fake, it will surely lead to falling number of followers.

Once you research the liking pattern of your audience, you can easily create posts that engage your users. Try to spend some time looking at other contents on Instagram that your users appreciate. You will then be able to post feeds in your niche and work on creating premium quality content only around your niche.

Many a times, lack of fact-finding can result in off track content that can bring down the number of users on your Instagram page. Focus on the purpose of your post and create content to show off your personality virtues to your target audience. Once you are ready, plan your content in advance listing down the number and what goes into your feed every week.

You can decide on a particular day and time to post your content regularly so that the users are looking forward to your posts at the same time. The more straightened out you are with your content, the more interactive your feed turns out.

2.   Retaining high resolution images

Instagram is all about pictures! Posting high resolution clear images will attract more users to your account. You can lay hands on DSLR cameras and accessories such as Tripod, lens and lights to shoot best pictures and videos. However, if it burns a hole in your pocket, you can click reasonably good pictures with your phone too.

Many Influencers click amazing pictures just from their phones not investing too much on expensive cameras. However, the pictures are well planned and edited to show off their skills to the audience.

Think of the best angles, lighting during the time the picture is taken, the object and the background and above all, the aesthetics of your page. The picture should stand strong on all the aspects. Get a good variation with different poses, distance, and background to please your audience.

3.     Content changes

Once you know which picture will go into your next post, consider editing it to align with picture grid and aesthetics of your page. Arranging pictures to make your page visually consistent and attractive is very important.

The visitors of your page will decide about your content as soon as they view your page. A tidy look always grabs more attention than assorted pictures in no particular order. Same color palette, order of posting pictures, content around it, all should be synchronized to leave a good impression in the minds of the visitors.

Try using presets and analyze your posts before making it live for the audience. There are plenty of tools to edit and use pre-saved creative’s and looks to save time. It gives a professional touch to the pictures and makes your page aesthetically consistent. You can plan and edit your pictures in advance and save it under drafts to view it quickly before posting.

4.    Post it in time

As soon as the planning and editing is complete, it is time to post your content for the audience. You need to be careful about the time and aesthetics of your posts to ensure long lasting effect in the minds of the users.

To keep the interest of the users, avoid repetitive pictures and posts in a short span of time or close to one another on your page. You can use online planners to preview your feeds and drafted content to understand what it looks like to the audience. If you are unhappy with something, just edit it and post it quickly before making it live. You can also schedule a post for a future time.

After the post is available to the audience, ensure you spend time in engaging audience. Comment and respond diligently to the users. You may even like and share their posts to make them happy. Remember, a happy user is a potential follower.

Build long-term and loyal relationship with your users and stay active. Your feeds appear on top when it gets engaging and active.

5.    Research and Repost

If you don’t have much time to create attractive content, Instagram has plethora of feeds for you to choose from. Invest time in finding out posts that interests your audience. Keep an eye on your contemporary accounts on what they post and what the audience prefers.

String onto hash tags that are followed the most by your followers. Find out the engaging feeds that can help you grow on Instagram and create your content around it. You can save a post that you may wish to change a little and repost to your account In future.

You can make changes and repost the content with proper credits. However, nothing beats original. Therefore, once you have spent time in finding out content that your audience engages in, you can use online tools to quickly replicate content of your niche in different formats to please your target audience.

Final words 

Dedicate time and efforts to grow on Instagram. Creating content is just not enough with so much competition around. Stick to your audience preferences and your niche. Spend time in planning and editing your content and you will surely rise and shine on Instagram.

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