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Though one may be omnipresent on social platforms, the upgradation and changes are too overwhelming at times. The need for an account manager did not arise until the era of merely few users on any of these public podiums passed. The steeping number of users on social media platforms is convincing enough to hire a manager.

If you are still stuck with offline branding schemes, you will definitely lose out on an effortless promotion opportunity just a click away. More brands witness the power of digital marketing today.

The rising popularity of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter helps to showcase your worth to millions of people across the globe. The work of a social media manager is not merely posting content and benefitting from its views. There is a lot more to reap.

According to a research,

Between 2016 and 2020, eMarketer predicts Instagram will add 26.9 million users -- almost double the incremental users expected for Twitter, and far more than any other social platform tracked.

Hiring an expert to have a bird’s eye view and staying on par with dynamics is the need of the hour for a successful account on Instagram. Return on Investment increases when social media campaigns are designed and executed well. This calls for a social media manager.

To stay in budget and maintain your social media page with continuous and flowing posts, WejustSocial offers engaging, cost-effective and enhanced packages for its clients. After all, everyone wants to add more followers to their account.

The role of WeJustSocial is defined to help the clients in the following ways –
  • Raise awareness to get more visibility by spreading networking and significantly rising brand loyalty among users.
  • Budget friendly marketing strategies that are tailor made to suit the needs of the different Instagram account owners.
  • Planning and executing quality posts to make the page more interactive and positive catering to the ease of the visitors.
  • Enhancing your personality traits and brand image highlighting the key specifics to the loyal followers and target audience.
  • Ensure market awareness by observing the page views and followers and making it a two way communication platform.
  • Increasing traffic by regularly posting organic and unique content keeping in mind the interest of the audience.
  • Keeping healthy competition in mind and attracting more audience with user friendly posts and interactive comments to keep the interest flowing in.

The possibility of a content posted on the platform is unlimited. It depends on the subject matter expert how to devise the post to extract maximum benefits from it. You will need a Social media manager for your account for the reasons outlined below –

1.  Ever changing Social Platform needs transformation with time

The panorama of Instagram is voracious and constantly at a move. Since you may individually find it tough to keep up with the changes, a social media manager can help you resolve this. They keep a track of trends and algorithms to frame a strategy based on the revolution.

They are buoyant to the transformations to move the upcoming campaigns in line with the latest trends. Also, they go back and forth with you to discuss the objectives of any new social media campaigns and find ways to derive the best out of it. Their job is to ensure continuous success through content posted at regular intervals.

2.  Plan and Strategize the content to keep the audience glued

Too many unorganized posts on your page can do more harm than good. Posting randomly without any aim from your profile can weaken your image in front of your audience. Your page space should be carefully filled with campaigns to match up your followers’ interest levels.

A lot of efforts go into devising content that enhance your image. Any campaign cannot be left as it is after posting. It needs back and forth tasks such as replying to users, liking their comments, and understanding their requirements. Other external marketing tools can also be planned along with the campaign to better the results. Therefore, it is essential to spend enough time in planning content.

Strategists can also bake you a content plan in advance and spread the content over a period of time depending on the primary objective of your posts.

3.  Interaction with customers and live up to their expectations

If you simply post the content and wait for results, it is of no use. Thus, the follow up plan should be handy to get the best out of the content. Staying vigilant to the users’ comments and queries shows your presence and creates goodwill among the target audience.

Wejustsocial represent you positively among the users’ highlighting your objectives.  Less-seasoned approach to queries can result in turning down the followers. Experts know well how to impress the audience with to the point solutions to their concerns. Thus, the sooner you respond to the comments of the followers, it helps to build faith and assurance among them around you.

The audience respect proactive influencers and keeps the brands on toes to outshine among the rest.

4.  Tracking and Reporting profits from campaigns

If you need to be hit among the followers, it is important to keep switching your goals depending on the altering trends in the social media market. WejustSocial not only curates new content but also transforms your existing posts to meet the latest interest of the audience. They ensure your efforts do not go down the drain by checking your campaigns at regular intervals.

Channelizing the campaigns that help you grow and hiding content that is no longer relevant keeps your page on track. Sometimes a minute adjustment in the creatives or process saves you from the loss.

WejustSocial ensures regular reporting and discussing with clients what works among your audience and what your followers do not like or is outdated. Moreover, monthly, Quarterly and annual reports will help to keep a constant check and optimize the campaigns as and when required. Also, round the clock efforts into designing campaigns ensure successful stories on Instagram.

5.  Benefit from the expert edge of the market

It is more feasible to get fresh ideas, understand the market and attract audiences to be successful on Instagram. Financially also, wejustSocial offers packages that are cost-effective and user engaging. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire experts who dedicatedly strive hard towards making your account successful.


Social Media managers know well of the cultures and trends to retrieve better results. Whether you are just stepping in the social media world or a renowned image among the audience, a subject matter expert by your side won’t let your competitors take over anytime.

Moreover, SEO rankings are determined with your social media content these days. Thus, planning a content that is highlighting the keywords makes your content accessible to the audience is vital.

Want to make more followers and expand your reach? Get in touch with WeJustSocial to learn new ways to create unique posts and stories and increase your visibility among different brands.

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