Instagram post ideas to increase your followers


Instagram is the most popular social media platform with over 800 million daily active users.

People use Instagram for many reasons, but all of us are obsessed with only two things – likes and comments. This can only be possible by posting creative and unique content on Instagram. 

Instagram is all about visual content. Images grab a lot of attention as compared to simple text. Thus, people spend hours scrolling their Instagram feed. 

Posting content is very important to capture the attention of your potential followers and brands. And this can only be possible if the content is appealing to your followers’ eyes. Also, posting your content at the optimal time is equally important as such posts are more likely to be noticed by your followers and brands. 

Here’s a list of some Instagram post ideas that can help you boost your engagement in no time. Some are quick and easy, others will take preparation. 

So, let’s get started.  

According to research,

over 300 million people use Instagram stories every day.

1.        Share Instagram stories 

An Instagram story is a fun and quirky way to engage with your followers. These run for 24 hours and are discoverable i.e., even people who aren’t your followers can see your post too. Instagram stories give a sense of urgency to the users as they’re gone after 24 hours. Moreover, these stories are pretty short (maximum 15 seconds) means they don’t consume a lot of attention and time of the viewer. 

Instagram stories are a great way to avoid filling your feed with personal stuff and get more views and likes on your account. There are different modes to share your stories such as normal, live, boomerang, Superzoom, rewind, stop motions, hands-free, etc. 

Here are some creative ways to use Instagram stories – 

  •   Organize Q&A sessions
  •   Host a giveaway or contest
  •   Post tutorials or tips 
  •   Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos
  •   Feature other accounts that you think are worth following  
  •   Ask for suggestions for your next post
  •   Create a poll
  •   Promote your recent blog post 
  •   Share a sneak peek of your new projects
  •   Stream live videos

If you want to make some of your content to make readily accessible to your followers, you can do so by marking Instagram stories as Highlights. These are shown at the top of your Instagram feed and can be accessed anytime when required. 

Image source: Vogue Magazine

2.       Post-Behind-the-scenes content

If you’ve never posted such content before, it’s high time to think about it. 

A behind-the-scenes post is an effective content that can be created easily and quickly. Sharing such content regularly not only brings an extra human element to your profile, but also builds an emotional connection with your followers. 

There may be some influencers who want their feed to be full of professional and polished images only. So, in such cases, you can share your behind-the-scene content via Instagram stories. 

If you’re confused about what to share, here are some ideas for your behind-the-scenes content on Instagram-

  •   Photos of you and your work environment 
  •   Your daily routine
  •   A teaser of your new product or project. 
  •   A picture of your workspace or office
  •   Fun or entertaining content 
  •   Your progress or success, such as training, certificates, workshops, etc. 

People crave authenticity and want to connect with people and not only brands. Therefore, behind-the-scenes posts can prove to be the most effective way to build trust and loyalty.  

3.        Give IGTV a try 

Instagram TV or IGTV is a feature on Instagram that allows you to post longer videos than Instagram stories. These videos can be up to 10 minutes for all users and up to an hour for verified users. IGTV is a video platform just like YouTube, except it doesn’t have any ads. 

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you master the art of posting videos through IGTV – 

  •   Shoot vertical videos
  •   Cross promote your content through IGTV 
  •   Share behind-the-scenes videos
  •   Learn how to edit your videos for Instagram TV
  •   Shoot your videos in good lighting
  •   Link an IGTV video to your Instagram story 

IGTV is described as the ‘most exciting feature to date’ by Instagram itself and allows you to create vertical and long-form videos that can only be watched on smartphones. Just like TV, IGTV also had various channels that you can follow to view different content by different brands and influencers.  

Image source: Netflix 

4.        Host Giveaways and contests

Instagram Giveaway is another creative way to engage more followers on your profile. 

But, what are giveaways? 

Well, giveaways are free stuff that is distributed among people, often for promotional purposes. It can be a product, cash, discounts, or coupons. 

A giveaway is a fun and great idea to increase your reach to various users and brands. If done right, it means more followers, likes, and share. There are different strategies to run Instagram giveaways and these depend upon your objective and the actions that you want your followers to take. Some of these strategies are- 

  •   Follow and like a post to win rewards
  •   Leave a comment and tag a friend on the post to win 
  •   Post a picture or a selfie relevant to a brand along with a specific hashtag.
  •   Share and tag a post 

Image source: Kopari

5.        Repost user-generated content

You don’t always have to post your personalized content on Instagram. You can repost other users’ content on your feed as well. Sharing and reposting others’ content can make Instagram a more interactive experience. It can not only help to grow your account but also helps to build relationships and trust with your followers.

If you’ve run out of ideas or simply like a post of one of your follower, you can repost it on your account. But make sure that you give proper credit to that person as it may lead to copyright issues. All you need to do is to tag that person in the caption so the users can know the original content creator. You can also ask him for permission to post his content on your feed through personal message or comments.

6.        Other post ideas 

Apart from this, there are many other ways to post creative content on Instagram – 

  •   Memes
  •   DIY ideas or tutorials
  •   Doodles, sketches or calligraphy
  •   Offers and promotion
  •   Statistics and numbers to tell a story 
  •   Inspirational or funny quotes 
  •   Throwback pictures
  •   Follower testimonials or feedback 
  •   Link your post to your blog
  •   Promote a positive message 
  •   Recipe tips and tutorials, etc. 


Hopefully, these tips and ideas helped you create interesting content on Instagram. Experiment with different types of content based on your niche to build followers, gain likes and success on Instagram. 

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