Tips for choosing the best profile picture for your Instagram profile


Instagram is a popular social media application used mostly by young and dynamic users. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is known for its photos and videos posting than long texts that go unnoticed. While twitter handles are mostly for Celebrities and big shots, Instagram is for all. It is a well-known saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. It can’t get truer on Instagram. Adding a good profile picture is a high-priority task as it represents you as an icon to make you stand out of the crowd.

The Instagram page should thus be upgraded from time to time. Your followers and page visitors, who might later be followers, should be impressed with your picture and feeds. The first thing that a user notices is your profile picture. The profile photo is the first impression of your personality and purpose on Instagram. Though it looks pretty simple to select any picture, nailing it down for a long lasting impression is not a plain-sailing. Choose the correct size and dimensions to make heads turn to your Instagram page.

Here are a few tips to help you choose an apt profile picture for your Instagram account

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1.       An evergreen picture goes a long way

If you choose to add a profile picture that needs to be changed with every occasion, season or achievement, it is surely a tedious task that needs to be done in time. You do not want to look awkward with a summer or spring picture during snows in winter. If your profile photo is obsolete or outdated, a new user may assume your account inactive and will not look further.

It is therefore advisable to use a picture that is evergreen and looks fine at any given point of time.  Every day you can save time on changing profile picture and instead focus on the content and aesthetics of your Instagram page to grab the attention of the new users as well as religious followers.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 1.12.40 PM

Image source: Instagram

2.       Match the picture with Aesthetics

Imagine a profile picture totally off the color palette that you choose in the creatives of your post. Your profile picture should fit right with the other aesthetics of your Instagram page. Only then your feeds will look consistent and symmetric.

Ensure you edit the profile pictures to match up with the rest of the pictures of your grid. If you opt for a color theme it should reflect in your profile picture too. Plan your profile picture in sync with the rest of the page to impress your audience and make your page look visually bright and content well planned.

3.       Choose a perfect size

The size of your photo is scaled down on the mobile screens. To add fuel to the fire, the square size of the picture is further trimmed as it is seen as a circle on-screen. Thus, make sure you leave some empty spots in the corners of the picture.

Don’t let the small size worry you. You can add a bigger version of the picture but ensure it scales down in a 1:1 ratio to avoid blurring out. Keep an eye on the pixel size that does not distort upon viewing on small mobile screens. You can choose to crop the excess picture to let the users get a full view of the image displayed.

When you add or edit a profile picture, before posting it, you can see the preview and center the image correctly as per the circle in which the image appears to the users.

4.      Keep the background right

A major factor while adding a profile picture is the background of the image. The background should not only be subtle and not predominant, but also impressive and shouldn’t be dull. Thus, neutral backgrounds are the best bid for any kind of profile picture.

Keep the background mess free. It leads to distraction if there is too much clutter in the background. The focus shifts from your image to the background and dilutes the purpose of the profile picture. Choose wisely between the bold colors and subtle textures to create the focus on your image. But do not forget to stick to your Aesthetics.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 1.16.49 PM

Image source: Instagram

5.       Use props wisely

Show off your personality trait to the users in style. Add a trendy prop to your image that makes it obvious as to why the profile picture is posted. Working in with some good props can help you stand out of the crowd.

You can also experiment with props and their angles in the picture and choose the best shot! Props show off your image as weighty and meaningful to the users. For example, a photographer may want to add a DSLR or a high-resolution camera in his hand in the profile picture to create goodwill among the audience.

6.       Opt for a soft light source

Take the advice of professionals if you are not sure of lighting in your pictures. Natural and bright lights are best for any image. However, under direct sunlight, you need to work on angles to avoid or show off shadows. Lights in your picture also depend on whether the image is shot indoor or outdoor.

Natural lights are the best source when it comes to best captures. Too flashy or too dull lights can ruin the perfect shot. It is tough to get the right image in the presence of backlights. Preferably, go natural during golden periods of sunrise and sunset for the right shot.

7.       Crop it for the perfect headshot

A professional with a powerful camera can help you get a perfect headshot image. Crop the excess in the background to focus on your image. A casual photo with inappropriate background or lighting can be easily ignored or decrease the interest of the audience in your profile.

Add a professional touch with a crisp and clear headshot that defines your mood and personality and a face people would love to connect with. Since your profile image is small and circle, ensure you use that space the best way. Add a perfect headshot that draws the attention of the visitors.


You need to spend some time and effort and play around with features to get the best profile picture on your Instagram page. Remember, success is the result of hard work and planning.

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