Why you shouldn’t share your Instagram password with an untrusted service


Instagram has become a ubiquitous app. The most trending app has attracted almost everyone, irrespective of their age and nationality. In addition to this, the app is the latest addition to the cool quotient. However, with the number of apps increasing, Instagram hacking is also becoming an epidemic. It is imperative to keep the passwords secure and unshared in order to avoid such problems. Passwords should be properly encrypted and kept as a protected entity. Here are a few reasons that highlight as to why you should not share your passwords with any third party:

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1.     Personal data

Instagram is a photo sharing app. Hence, most users tend to share highly personalized data with the same. This makes it even more essential to keep the password to oneself. The more you share your password, the more it becomes vulnerable to data stealing. Password is an important entity for security. Hence, it is a mandate and essentially the responsibility of the user to keep it absolutely safe. A big step is to keep it to yourself and not sharing the same with any third party. If you detect that your password is insecure then the smartest move is to change it as soon as possible.

2.    Shared passwords

Most users have the tendency to use the same password for most of their accounts. In order to make it easy for them to remember, users tend to use the same passwords for their most crucial accounts. In case passwords are shared, even internet banking accounts lose their security. Hence, the bank accounts of the users become prone to hacking. This leads to money thefts. In such scenarios, it becomes difficult for banks to ensure safety of their customers. The absolute need is to keep the passwords to yourself without sharing them with any unauthorized users.

3.     Unauthorized misuse

Many times, when you share your passwords with third parties, your accounts are misused. Many instances have been there when users have found unauthorized posting occurrences or other unauthorized activities happening on their account. In addition to this, unauthorized users tamper with the pictures and use them for their own benefits. In the current scenario of terror as well as digital crimes, misuse of personal pictures is a major threat. The threat is not only related to privacy but also to overall security. In addition to this, family pictures and their details come out in the open, which endangers your dear ones.

4.     Photo edits

In addition to using pictures for malpractices, unauthorized users can also copy the pictures and edit them. Editing of pictures is a common occurrence. Along with this, obscene and unassuming pictures of such users surface over the Internet, which is an alarming issue. This makes it even more essential to keep the passwords safe. The repercussions of sharing your passwords with unauthorized third parties are derogative. Hence, it is of utmost importance to safeguard the passwords and keep them private. The more difficult the passwords are, the more secure they become.

5.   Remote access

With the advent of the smartphone, it has become much easier to gain access to the phone and private details remotely. Hence, if the password of instagram and your phone are the same, then your phone is highly vulnerable to unauthorized access. This becomes even more harmful as most users tend to keep he pins to their debit cards, wallets on the phone these days. Moreover, personal information becomes available for the world to see. The hackers can be anywhere in the world and this makes it very difficult for security personnel to track them.

6.   Hampering social life

In case your password reaches the wrong hands, then this can be detrimental to your social life. Some malicious people use passwords of personal accounts particularly of social media channels to send malignant content to your followers. This not only affects your social image but is also unkind to your kin. Moreover, there have been instances when a hacker has used email addresses to send plea messages to the contacts. Hackers do this to extract money from other users by using their sympathy. So, keep your passwords secure not only for yourself but also for the sake of your acquaintances as well.

7.   Fraudulent usage

Instagram is susceptible to fraudulent practices. With more and more information being out in the open, a hacker can use the account for viewing objectionable content. While viewing, if the hacker posts on such accounts using the hacked account, then it reflects poorly on the user. Often hackers use hacked accounts for trolling imminent personalities and other activities, which ultimately affect the actual user. Instagram can also block such accounts and it becomes highly puzzling for the main user. In certain circumstances, hackers even delete the account of the user, which makes a huge hassle for the primary user.

8.   Obscurity of private space

If the user is not careful enough, then by sharing the instagram password, all personal messages reach the hacker. There are times when people often chat with their dear ones through highly personal messages over instagram. Third party access to such messages impedes on not only your privacy but also the other person in the communication. This type of intrusion in a user’s private space is a serious threat and makes you susceptible issues like blackmailing. By keeping your password safe, you can avoid such situations. It is also advisable to avoid over sharing of information.


Passwords are meant to keep accounts secure. They are an effective way of safeguarding your privacy. However, ensure that you keep caution while sharing your personal information on any media. It is a beneficial practice to avoid sharing your password with anybody, let alone a third-party service. By adopting such simple steps, you can ensure full safety for yourself and the people around you. Once you start recognizing it as a responsibility, you can avoid any sticky situations. Hence, it is a mandate to keep your passwords safe whether they are of instagram or internet banking.

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