Ways to visually plan your Instagram feed


The aim of every Instagram account owner is to grab the attention of their visitors and transform them into followers. Planning Instagram feed is thus the most important step towards drawing more and more people to your account. Definitely artistic and stylish feeds that do not blend in the crowd cannot be a day’s show. It needs efforts in planning and organization.

For any Instagrammer, the most important moment is when someone who is just exploring feeds and stories, catch the attention of their post and compel the visitor to take a look at who you are through your profile. Instagram feed is the first impression of your profile to the unknown and the known.

 The Instagram feed shows off your personality and tells a lot about your mindset to the people. Therefore, it is essential to curate worthwhile content with sincere efforts in planning and organizing the visually appealing feed. Make sure your feed is unique and does not turn heads of the people to other accounts. With the advent of latest trends in editing and posting stylish pictures on Instagram, a lot of spurts are required to show off your profile to the world.

Leave a long-lasting impression by getting the users involved in your Instagram feed with these tips and tricks to plan your Instagram feed visually

According to a research,

38% of users check Instagram multiple times a day

1.      Pick the creatives wisely

Check out the profiles of the contemporary influencers to understand the use of aesthetics for your profile that matches your personality. Understand which feeds are liked by your followers and what is the aspect that they like the most? It could be the color combination or the crisp content or the pattern of the pictures added.

Scan through the most popular profiles to get an idea of the vibrant aesthetics that will show off your style and personality. Keep in mind the impact of different pictures that are posted at various locations. A dark and moody post may look apt for beaches while the colorful and attractive feed is for a bright sunny morning.

Your mood and personality can be easily depicted with the choice of colors in your feed. Thus, be sensible in the selection of palette to avoid looking fake and disconnected from the crowd. Keep a perfect blend of colors, patterns, textures to stay visually enticing for the visitors.

To highlight your content, choose the color scheme that brings positivity and interest among the users. As the user scrolls through your profile, the visuals should be so alluring that one cannot take their eyes off the screen.

2.       Stay uniform in filters and unique in feed

Photo and video editing tools help you in organizing consistent and cohesive feeds for the users. The choice of filters and editing process should be the same while posting to stay uniform and visually tidy. Many free apps are available online to edit pictures and videos quickly.

Often, the free apps give you the liberty to use their preset packs with complementary filters, ready patterns to make your feed attractive. You can save the adjustments and settings to be able to recreate similar effects to all your feeds so that your pictures are consistent and neat to look at.

Consider creating Boomerangs, GIFs, stories that are visually appealing to the audience, using the apps that are readily available at no or minimal cost. Scale up your videos without difficulty to best fit your style and creativity. Let the videos match with the rest of the feeds and not look like an odd man out.

You can give your pictures and videos a professional finesse with most of the apps that offer predefined content and filters to speed up your work. There are readymade tools to edit brightness, contrast, and background to create personalized feeds in order to grab the attention of your followers instantly.

3.       Strike a balance

Credibility is built through unique, original and creative feeds. Move away from the fake and hypothetic content and stay focused on what is real. You must not only take time to plan the feed, but also ensure the feeds look consistent when added next to each other. Lighting, location, reason – everything matters in a curated content.

While posting pictures or content, you need to give a thought on its appearance on the page as a whole. The feeds should be rightly balanced and look visually pleasing when someone visits your page. Too crowded or busy feeds may lose the interest of the visitors. Break things up when necessary.

Grid planning is key to the finished look. It should be easy to scroll down the content while being able to view the whole content. Capture the eyes of the audience by adjusting the color scheme and the grid to your advantage.

Think about how you want your viewers to look at your page. What would hold their attention on to your feed. Place the right content in terms of quantity as well as quality.

4.       Plan ahead

 It is time to make it or break it when you post the content on your page. Think and plan in advance as to what goes in when and where. Consistency in posting is as important as to placement on the page. Too clustered feeds often escape the eyes of the visitors.

Let your feeds look flowy and connected. There are apps to help you check out how your feed will look on your page. You can swap the positions of the photos and rearrange the content as per your choice to make the page look visually attractive.

Upload and save drafts much ahead in time. You can then view, edit, rearrange or change the content as per your liking without delaying the post on your page. If you know what goes best for the users, you will surely know when to post your content to get the maximum views. You can time it accordingly if you plan ahead.

You can also schedule your post in advance to be regular in posting feeds. It is essential to post regularly when you want followers to check out your profile. Your followers will be aware of the time of your posts and can know when they can view your latest feed.

Final words 

Let the viewers know what to expect from your feeds and let them follow you for what you are! Do not go overboard creating professional content. Keep it casual and relative for the users. If you invest time in planning and curating your content, the posts will surely capture user engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. Play around with features and functionality to curate and recreate content that is the game changer on your profile.

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