How to promote your travel blog on Instagram?


A Travel Blog, of course, is edifying! You have definitely taken efforts to punch in the information so that it reaches the right audience. And if this is your first blog, the satisfaction of engaging users is heartening. Many users follow travel bloggers on Instagram in search of new adventures and getaways. Travel is quite a common hashtag on Instagram. You just need to reach out to the right kind of people who are using Instagram like a channel to research travel destinations. 

It is rewarding to share your travel experiences with the world outside. Share your stories, pictures and travel locations on multiple social platforms to spread your knowledge. Your content should be lucrative, entertaining and informative to find its way from your Instagram page to the outside world. Ignite the interest of the adventure lovers through your appealing posts.

Add a little extra punch into your Travel blog to stand out of the run-of-the-mill. Be a perfect match of good pictures with excellent content.

Here are a few strategies you can use to get your Travel Blog hitting the top on Instagram.

According to a research,

51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day.

   1.     Add an eye-catching caption

A picture speaks a thousand words and Instagram is all about pictures. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is not about long posts and lectures. Hooking up a picture with a flashy title increases visibility for sure.

Jazz up the picture with a compelling caption to add value to the content. Likes and comments swell up when the picture is blended with the right caption. To make travel blogger’s life easier, Instagram captions can be derived from the blog content itself, especially from the portion that you wish to highlight.

2.        Find your niche

Before you begin to write, you need to answer questions to yourself. Think of what ignites your interest? How is your writing style? What drives you to write further? You could be a solo traveler, couple, campers, or adventurers.

Focus on content that matches up with your niche. The ideal audience will stick to your blog only if they relate to the content. You need to write about your experiences, struggles, achievements during the travel. Think of what the audience wants to see. Write what your followers appreciate.

3.        Build loyal followers

It is a known fact that if you wish to influence the audience, apart from trendy content, you need more followers on your Instagram page. Networking is the key to stand out of the crowd. Travel bloggers can only monetize their content if they fall under the umbrella of Influencer.

Keep the visitors engaged with quality travel content so that they turn into followers quickly. Be responsive and responsible for your followers. If there are queries about any of your posts or comments that you like, do respond and appreciate when necessary.

4.       Plan your content and stay consistent

To stay in the minds of the people for long, it is essential your content is current and entertaining so that it goes viral in no time. Create content in lieu of events happening around you to have a lasting impression. You may read other blogs of well-known bloggers to get ideas in engaging the users positively.

Plan ahead and keep the pictures and write up ready way before you wish to post it. Be consistent in your interactions with followers. You can go live and respond to the queries on a particular day of the week, or post a blog at a particular time to earn the trust of your followers.

You can also start a travel-related conversation about the challenges during traveling.

5.       Get it on Instagram stories

The recent reports show that people are more inclined towards Instagram stories, as it is quick and crisp. Instagram stories form an excellent way to envision the scenes behind the adventure.

Yet another feature is the quick transition from Instagram stories to other websites. The link to the blog is just a swipe away for the followers.

Instagram stories are highlighted on top of the page and do not mix with other feeds. Thus, it is easy to find and help your followers to refine their search in no time.

Share your Instagram stories at varied timings. Not all your followers are online when you post a story. Thus, to gain further exposure, you may want to go live at a specified time.

6.       Post high-quality pictures

To shine in the crowd, it is important to post impactful images that go well with the blog. Don’t use the phone or low light equipment. Instead, invest in powerful digital cameras with great features and reasonably priced.

Pictures play an important role in a travel blog as it showcases the beauty of the locations. Adding regular smartphone captured pictures may shut down the interest of the followers. Thus, capture pictures and videos from digital cameras.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-01 at 3.53.37 PM
7.     Partner with other marketers and Influencers

When two people with common interest, promote a project together with a shared audience, it is called as co-marketing. Partner with other influencers to market your travel blog. It enhances exposure to both influencers and attracts more audience. It is a win-win situation for both. Tag the other company or blogger you are associating with.

You may choose adventurers, travel companies or other bloggers to promote your travel blog jointly on Instagram.  Occasionally, you might add a guest post for other influencers when they agree to promote your blog. You can also participate in Travel chats of other bloggers and add your valuable comments.

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8.     Outsource editing work

You cannot have it all. You may be excellent at creating content for your blog and add wonderful pictures to complement the same. However, content needs to go through a third eye view. Content may need a quick fix that might escape your eyes.

Remember, Instagram is about a broad view in seconds. Unless your work is engaging, users can anytime turn head to other numerous blogs available. Find some talented and inexpensive sources to edit your pictures and blogs to outshine in the thousands of blogs.

Final words 

When one searches for a travel blog, millions of blogs appear on screen. Thus, making it difficult to find the right content you want to read. Instagram is a picture perfect social platform for Travel Bloggers. The dazzling pictures with hashtags and caption to blend with it are sure to grab the attention of the users. 

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