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Everyone wants to accelerate their user engagement on Instagram. Hashtags are one of the best ways to let users to the right spot. You can use as many as 30 hashtags per post to generate interactive feeds on your profile. Among thousands of posts, there is a high chance that your post gets lost. To avoid this, use unique and individual hashtags that spawn interest in your profile and convert your page visitors to followers.

Build your engagement and take it to the next level with Hashtags. This also helps the Insta users to find your content quickly and identify the purpose of the same. Your intentions are thus clarified among the visitors. Grab the attention of more and more users with trendy and unusual hashtags that are relevant to your post. Make sure you place the hashtags in the caption section which is clearly visible to the users.

A lot of us spend so much time in creating creative content, editing pictures, and research the hashtags to use it with the post to keep it on the top. Here are some super duper hacks for hashtags on Instagram that you wish you knew earlier

According to a research,

73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram.

1.     Hook on to a lot of Hashtags

There is no fixed concept around the number of hashtags per post. While a few prefer minimum hashtags to avoid clutter, many sticks to ‘more the merrier’ hashtags to include in their Instagram feed.

Hashtags provide a chance to be found. Thus, using the right number of hashtags with your posts definitely rises the chance of coming up in top searches. If you wish to add more than 30 hashtags to your post, trying using “&” before the #hashtags and surprisingly you will be able to add as many hashtags as you like.

However, be sensible to use hashtags as it may not necessarily draw the attention of the users. Too many hashtags can spoil the look of the post or even make the interest of the visitors go down at times.

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2.     Break it up

Including Hashtags as line breaks give your post a real makeover. You might have created highly interesting content, yet it may not be able to capture the interest of the users due to no line breaks. 

Many a time, you will have to use symbols such as stars or dash to every line to give a line break. Now it is easier to add line breaks with the use of advanced apps. Many apps allow users to add a line break by just pressing a key.

To space out your content in order to make it visually appealing, Hashtags play a vital role. It makes the content look clean and clear, and uncluttered.

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Image source: Instagram

3.     Use apt Hashtags to highlight the content

Including regular and popular hashtags will definitely catch sight of few users and your likes and comments may rise to some extent. However, if you are looking to target a specific category of followers, it is recommended to add relevant hashtags to highlight the purpose of your post.

Using super relevant hashtags not only increases user engagement but also lay focus on your niche. This is a perfect opportunity to show off your personality and style to the target audience.

Apt hashtags can bring in new followers every time you post content on your page, as it boosts searching power of your content and connects you with your followers instantly. Plan your hashtags in accordance with the picture or video and the purpose of posting it on your profile.

4.     Put up with Hashtag Suggestion feature

The more often you use similar hashtags for your posts, such hashtags are likely to appear as hashtag suggestions for your future posts. It does not require too much labor. You just need to add a hashtag and place it under hashtag suggestion and click on suggest. You will find other relevant options that can be used as hashtags for your post.

Once the list is curated, you can select the hashtags that should go into your caption. This saves a lot of time and effort which can be otherwise used to plan your content and attract more followers on your page.

5.   Spruce up your Instagram stories with Hashtags

Including hashtags in your Instagram story makes it a hot selling cake among the audience. There are increased chances of people searching for similar posts and find yours on top of their list. Impress your followers with trendy hashtags that go well with your story.

When you use a popular hashtag, your real-time story is added to the hashtag’s page attracting more audience to the story. You can either use a hashtag sticker to your story or type in the hashtags that you want to be added to your story. The former allows only one sticker per post and the latter can let your story have a maximum of 10 hashtags with it.

Maximize the views by adding the hashtags that suit your story and style.

6.   Hide the Hashtags when needed

Wondering why should you hide a hashtag when it brings so much attention to your page? Though hashtags bring your post in top searches, it often spoils the creative look of the page and content designed around it.

Cluttering the content with too many hashtags can act as a drawback as it makes your feed spammy. Thankfully, you can shrink the hashtags by pinching it to look tiny. Then, be smart to paste a sticker or an emoji on top to hide the tiny hashtags completely.

Alternatively, use the color of the background of your picture or post and cover the tiny hashtags with the same color to perfectly blend it with the background. However, you need to keep in mind that too small hashtags may not get registered and thus best is to mask it up cleverly.

7.   Keep an eye on your favorite Hashtags

A less popular feature not known to many is that you can follow hashtags in the same way as you follow profiles on Instagram. You can keep an eye on your contemporaries by following the hashtags used in their posts or partner with like-minded people with common hashtags you and they follow.

You can also ask followers to follow your popular hashtags that are common in your posts to make your posts easily searchable. It is a great way to connect with the audience by following hashtags and understanding the mindset of the people and plan your content accordingly.

Once you follow a hashtag, you will find the top posts and stories appearing on your page with the hashtag you are following.

Final words 

Bio is the introduction of your profile to the users. Impress your audience by using hashtags that define your personality and raise curiosity among the people to know more about your profile.

Using hashtags in Bio can highlight your content, promote your page and drive user engagement.

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