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While posting content on your Instagram, all you think of is user engagement in terms of likes, follows, and comments. Instagram possesses a voracious appetite for constant updates. Therefore, as the competition rises, you need to work towards posting high-quality content to keep the users coming back for more. It can be challenging to live up to the expectations of your followers and sustain goodwill among your target audience.

However, finding new ideas to post content, making it visually appealing and deciding when to distribute them is quite a task. Your ability to meet the demand for updated information is what drives more and more users to your Instagram account.

Adding a daily dose of excitement through your regular updates lets your users look forward to your content on Instagram. Thus, stay focused on the content quality and presentation instead of the number of posts you end up with. It is meaningless if your posts go unnoticed or get lost among the thousand other posts on Instagram.

If the followers do not feel transparency and connection with your content, they might just scroll down to other accounts. Thus, your efforts can then go down the drain. If you don’t want this to happen, post the best moments of life that are relatable to the Instagram users. This way they will be compelled to visit your page to find out further.  

Are you running short of ideas to create content on Instagram for your regular visitors?  Here are some best moments of life that can be shared on the Instagram page to earn more likes and comments.

According to a research,

500 million people use Stories every day.

1.     Special Occasions

Whether you are on a vacation or celebrating a festival or at a birthday party with your gang, do not forget to post pictures and let your whereabouts be known to your followers. Hence, adding information about the new place you visited or recommending an activity is a great value-add to your Instagram content. 

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2.    What you are currently reading or listening

Telling your audience of what you like to read and watch shows off your good qualities in a subtle way. Thus, you can post a picture of books stocked up for your next read, or your current favorite novel magazine that you are reading. Or the television series you are glued to at the moment. This creates a good source of information for your followers. You may be listening to a classic melody during rains or enjoying a party song at a club with friends. Posting updates is essential to make your Instagram account fresh and rejuvenated.

3.     Workplace

If there is something very exciting at your workplace, do not hesitate to share it with your followers. Click a picture or shoot a video of your work desk and around. Moreover, you can zoom in your nameplate or desk organizer or anything that you wish to highlight to your users. You can also show off your hands working or typing at the desk. Thus, little details that will reflect on your work routine or workspace can be quickly captured and posted on Instagram. Let the post be honest so that users can connect with you.

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Image source: Instagram

4.     Daily routine

From how you start your day to your bedtime regime, you can post everything dramatic on your Instagram page. This will let your followers have a better understanding of you. It could be your breakfast or exercise routine, sharing minute details of your day will help you build a strong connection with your users. Moreover, you can click a picture of a meal or chasing your kids or a pet in the garden or anything disappointing or stressful during the day. The followers will understand you better when the tiniest of information is made available to them.

5.   Most liked shopping area or a restaurant you visit often

You can recommend a place in your city to buy something specific or a market for items at reasonable prices. Your favorite eating joint and its specialty can be posted on your Instagram page to let your followers stay updated. The best would be when you are out on a shopping spree or on a date with your loved one. Posting pictures or updates around your activities helps the users to peek into your personality and virtues. Thus, posting colorful pictures can make your account look vibrant and positive too.

6.   What went wrong

Not everything you try is a success. Let your users know of your failures and advise them on the do’s and don’t’s through your experience. Post about what worked and what did not so that your followers can avoid mistakes in their personal lives. Flaws are natural but wise is one who corrects it by learning from it. Therefore, write positive notes and post encouraging pictures to motivate others. Mistakes are also a great way to connect with each other. After all, to err is human, no?

7.   Reposting of archived blogs

Dig out something from your past posts that your visitors can relate to in the present. Do not wait for the visitors to explore your account and find it. Not many visitors will make efforts to do so. Repost your most liked or shared blog or a link or anything that you think will interest your Instagram visitors.

8.   Challenge you want your followers to take up

Add a challenge for your followers to try and ask them to share the results on your page. You may also try the same challenge and post about it to motivate others. It could be something trivial or a huge task, depending on the interest of your followers.


Do not worry about the pictures in your posts. To make the content real, you can add any relevant images like a coffee mug or a book or a shopping bag. This will make the users aware of what you are up to at the moment. Moreover, personal posts form a deeper connection for sure.

Understand the mindset of your target audience and create posts accordingly. Post what is relevant to your purpose and excite your visitors. A fashion-oriented post is of no use to a photographer or a businessman. Therefore, your content should be relevant, valuable, and unique in order to attract more users to your Instagram account.

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